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  1. Jet Boats
    Hello to all ,I’ve been plugging away on my latest project ,I’ve been doing all the basic maintenance on a 1986 checkmate enchanter with a factory 454 and 12jf pump .all the Berkeley pumps I’ve had in the past the bowls had gear oil in them ,this one is filled with grease?? Is there any...
  2. Tow Vehicles
    So I bought a new 2013 2500HD with the Duramax LML with z71 and 4wd with electronic transfer case. I've been searching a bunch of other diesel forums with no good results. Truck has 8k on it now and am going to do the engine oil and change the spin on external filter for the allison trans...
  3. WFL Crew
    I bought an angle finder today so I can see where I'm at on the setup. Ride plate is 1.5 degrees up from the keel and the nozzle is 5. From what iv read 3 &4 are a good starting point and 4 &7 is the magic numbers on most wingers so Iv been way off.
  4. Bob Teague
    Both of my engines are 2005 models, my question is: What is recommended maintenance on these for average use? Like when do the valve covers need removed for inspection? Do the rockers need adjusted? Life span until overhaul? Haven't had any major issues & neither engine uses much oil. Thanks
  5. Jet Boats
    i just bought a 79 southwind t-deck with calgo steering, ive only had a rack before this. The steering feels smooth and cables are tight, but the boat has been sitting for a while. is there anything to grease, oil or clean up. i tried searching but just found threads on installing and adjusting...
  6. PB Open Water
    How many hours do you put on your boat before you closely inspect the entire outdrive? What does the manual suggest about servicing and inspections by a Mercury authorized service center.
  7. PB Open Water
    I usually have work done on my boat in Havasu and it has been years since I have had any work performed on my boat in Vegas. Does anyone know a dependable, reliable, and fair boat mechanic / shop? I need to have my bilge replaced then normal service to the motor and drive. Thanks in advance...
  8. Greg Shoemaker
    I am pretty new to boating and wanted to know what needs to be done for maintenance on the boat. i have a 20.5 jet boat open bow 454 BBC. Thanks for your help
  9. Jet Boats
    my buddy has a 12wj that just grenaded and now we found and installed a rebuilt one. what are the proper maintenance procedures for lubricating these pumps?
  10. GN7 On the Dyno
    How does one check valve springs while on the engine? I presume that over time they start to shrink/collapse incrementally. How do you keep an eye on this process, and what is the tolerance at which point you replace? I have a full roller cam, about 650 lift range....
  11. Jet Boats
    Me and me nephew were in Phoenix this weekend tuning a Blown Alcohol Hydro. Slingers job was fine tuning and underwater hardware. You never would believe what happened to Slinger. That some bitch dropped this brand new shiny ass propellor on the asspahlt!!! I'll bet Slinger would of blew a...
  12. PB Open Water
    Hello everyone! I have a 496Mag/Bravo X in my ultra. I was wondering how often you guys replace the impeller. I have heard some guys say that they do it every year, and others say that they replace it every two years. Also, I have not looked into it yet but is this something that I can do...
1-13 of 13 Results