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  1. New old man here

    New member Introductions
    Hello everyone I'm Dave . l joined this site after surfing around on it for a while . I have been it boating for way too many years but not v drives . Grew up in LA still here but also in central California ( Pine Flats ) . So recently I have picked up two 18 ' Kindsvater flatbottoms one 440...
  2. Fiberglass man

    Off the Water
    Anyone know a good fiberglass person in Playa Del Rey area. Have a white fiberglass casement window that has a crack in the bottom inside portion of the sill. Needs to be fixed on site as the window is stuccoed in place. This is a new house and it needs to be done right. Any help will be...
  3. Happy Birthday " Old man on the Lake"!

    Happy birthday ya ol f**k ! :)devil
  4. Charger Boats man in chair

    My parents bought 2 flatbottoms from Charger in 1970. I was 4 years old at the time and didn't really 'visit' California until 1991. I came across these pictures my Mom had and scanned them. I am really curious who this guy in the chair is. Can anyone confirm who he is? Also I have a couple...
  5. Bob Adams is the man!!!

    I want to publicly thank Bob and Paul Vaughan and Billy B for saving my ass on a boat deal...these guys are truly great friends... See you all in Needles with new toy... :partyguy:
  6. Man this site really went to shit

    Yes it did.
  7. Lost a great man...

    Pete Kimbell passed away this morning.. He loved his family, friends and boat! Pete fought his disease like no other and he did not let it get him down. After I bought his boat he would call me at least monthly to check in on his baby. I would tell him it was still his I was only baby sitting it...
  8. Obama, world's smartest man

    Political Rhetoric
    This is too funny not to post. Happy New Years all. Text Size: A A A Obama has done it again, and the media aren't reporting it -- again! This time the world's smartest man (we know this because of that crisp crease in his pants, right David Brooks?) said this to a fawning rumpswab from...
  9. The only man on earth...

    Political Rhetoric
    President Obama, (the only time I'll ever say that), YOU are the only man on earth that can put an immediate stop to the murderous cowards calling themselves isis. It is time to act, and act in a way that will make "shock and awe" look like a schoolyard fist fight... It is time to hit these...
  10. Speedboat Racer with El Cid and the "Bigger Man"

    Speedboat caught up with a member of the El Cid crew during their dominant Idaho Regatta showing.
  11. Man this is funny ......................

    Michigan Hot Boats
  12. No Evidence Man is Responsible For Global Warming

    Political Rhetoric
    Well straight from the mouth of the Co Founder of Greenpeace. "There is no evidence man is responsible for Global Warming ." Warming that for the past 15yrs has not had any warming. Sorry libs but the facts are the facts. Based on true science and no politics and your hero Al Gore is dead wrong...
  13. Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Man it's cold outside !

    Michigan Hot Boats sure has been a long winter , and not to mention that it is colder then my Mother in laws kiss . Gotta tell yah that here in Holland Mich we have around or over three foot of snow on the ground already with an additional 5 to 6 inches on the way / this evening . Come...
  14. Man I dig this chick

    Political Rhetoric
    Bachmann: Obama’s Legacy Is ‘Establishment of Lawlessness in United States’ | CNS News# Sexy little tea party mind and body...She hits the nail on the head here. How is it that O can be allowed to violate his oath of office to faithfully uphold the laws? Why can't someone up there call...
  15. Oh man this stuff is funny

    Political Rhetoric
    SNL tackles Obama's selfie, Mandela interpreter and 'white' Santa Claus [video] - Obnoxious Boston Fan - This just cracks me up
  16. So easy a Cave Man can do it.

    Political Rhetoric
    Obama: Health care as easy as online shopping - Richmond Times-Dispatch: National & World News
  17. Surrender His Man Card or Not

    PB Open Water
    So a co-worker was bragging about his wife's new car. 2013 VW Bug. He loves it. He has a 2012 Jeep that's tricked out but when they go out, he'd rather drive the VW because he likes it better. We think he needs to surrender his man card!! What do you all think?
  18. Nuge and Z man

    Political Rhetoric
    Ted Nugent weighs in on Zimmerman case Man I love the Nuges simplistic and real approach. The libby MTV crowd had their experiment with Obama which had be an absolute failure so now perhaps the conservative rednecks need their experiment in the oval office with the Nuge as president. :)devil
  19. Kamloops Man trip this weekend!

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    If anyone is down for some last minute plans there'll be some good times happening at Shasta. I'll be leaving the 26th coming home the 30th. Come up anytime, hit me up for details.
  20. Oh Man what next!

    Political Rhetoric
    More lib bull shit! CLYDE, N.Y. (AP) — A man who says he caught four boys vandalizing his father-in-law's home has been charged with child endangerment after corralling them in a closet until police arrived. Jesse Daniels was arraigned on four counts of endangering the welfare of a child after...