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  1. Desert Storm Street Party map is up

    PB Open Water
    OK, Ray I gave you prime location and all the opportunity, rest is up to you :))THumbsUp here's the link
  2. [Announcment] Desert Storm Street Party map is up

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  3. Get your Desert Storm Street Party Map here

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    if the attachment works...:)eh:) if not a link will be ready in the morning
  4. Desert Storm Street Party map

    PB Open Water
    download the guide and plan your visit to the street party
  5. Water map of Lake Havasu?

    PB Open Water
    Does anyone have or know where to get a water map of Lake Havasu?Looking for something that show all the hot spots and names of all the coves,mile markers,etc.Thank you,Frank
  6. Aerial picture or map of Lake Havasu

    PB Open Water
    Does anyone have an aerial picture or map of Lake Havasu they could post? Specifically the area around the island. I tried googling one, but just end up with city views. Thank you
  7. Anyone remember this map from 2004 ? :

    Political Rhetoric
    I thought of this the other day after reading a post on River Dave's: This is the election map by county. The red is Bush and the blue is Kerry. Bush won over 75% of all counties in the US. Kerry, like Gore won the urban area's and nearly the rest of the country went for Bush. I think as...
  8. Map or photo of Havasu?

    PB Open Water
    Anyone have a jpeg map/photo of Havasu with all the different places marked?
  9. Map the enterance path in to/out of Topock

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    Last year I made many trips in to Topock and never hit, although a couple times I was on the edge of my seat looking down (:)eek(:). At that point I figured it was worthless to look, by the time I saw anything it would be 200 feet behind me :D I've followed a couple boats through the mounth...
  10. Parker Strip Map

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    I remember seeing on HB someplace a map of the strip showing all the resorts and communities on both sides of the river between Parker and the dam. Anybody got that image??