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  1. Mary had a little Ram....

    Political Rhetoric
    Mary had a little Ram, Whose true intentions were as clear as snow... and with the overwhelming results of the elections, where or where did you go? Thinking about you!...... Is this RIP? :stir: Be sure and tell your little brother Perry Garand that SNiC says, "Hey!" :wink2:
  2. Mary, Mary, Mary... HEIL Mary!!!

    Political Rhetoric
    Dumb bitch.. she is done. I for one am getting tired of spelling the bitch's last name.. LMAO!!! :))THumbsUp Landrieu Launches A Keystone XL Hail Mary A bit late... :redface:
  3. Thoughts and Prayers needed for Rick and Mary King !

    They lost "Pops" .....
  4. Mary got my attention...................

    WFL Crew
    Been 5 days & I still got a sore throat ! Done drank about half gallon of chloreseptic just cause of the breathing tube they stuck down my throat.
  5. Bloody Mary recipe?

    PB Open Water
    OK ,My trip to Las Vegas had one somewhat lasting effect on me , I developed a "taste" for Bloody Marys (Hot) (previous couldn't gag one down) and although strictly a occasional weekend AM ,thing I am on a quest for a really good recipe ? anyone ? Thanks Tom
  6. Any Mary Jane lovers here...

    PB Open Water
    My wife brings me home a bag now and don't last long though
  7. Favorite Bloody Mary recipe?

    PB Open Water
    My personal (river) favorite is Mr. and Mrs. T's bold mix 2/3 to 1/3 vodka with dash of pepper dash of onion powder dash of garlic powder dash of celery salt dash of horse radish worcsterchire sauce 2-3 dashes of favorite hot sauce dash of grillmate steak rub. dampen rim with lime and rim...
  8. Bloody Mary recipe thread???

    PB Open Water
    I thought there was a good thread on here with recipe's on how to make a good Bloody Mary, anyone know where it is? I can't find it. Thanks.
  9. Bush's hail Mary

    Political Rhetoric
    Well President Bush has heaved the hail Mary towards the Senate and the House. The offshore drilling debate has stalled in those chambers and those elected officials are scheduled for an "August vacation"......He has thrown the ball deep into the end zone and told the Dem controlled bodies that...
  10. Ginger, Mary Ann, or Batgirl?

    PB Open Water
    Mary Ann for me.