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  1. As a Republican, does your opinion matter?

    Political Rhetoric Reality As a Republican, does your vote matter when choosing the presidential nominee? According to the convention member, it doesn't. For the staunch Republicans, you still have hope, I guess. Perhaps the Democratic...
  2. Black lives matter coming to a school near you

    Political Rhetoric
    Of course it's gonna be taught to the white kids only . Twisted around to make them feel sorry for what they are doing to the poor slaves ... New Black Lives Matter Textbook Is Aimed at 6th Grade Students | Fox News Insider
  3. Do Black Lives Matter???

    Political Rhetoric
    Based upon what we are seeing in Chicago, Detroit, DC and many other areas of our country, it appears that black lives only matter when a white takes one. They are slaughtering each other in the hood at an alarming rate without any mention of black on black killings but, when a black life is...
  4. White lives matter

    Political Rhetoric Where it the outrage, paid protesters and the media?
  5. You have Ebola? No matter, come on in!!!

    Political Rhetoric
    F**king insanity!!! Fox News Obtains Memo Detailing How Ebola Patients Could Come to U.S. | Fox News Insider
  6. So how does America feel about it?? Does it matter???

    Political Rhetoric
    Seems Kenyankare is continuing to fall in popularity at an alarming rate. Surely our resident libs can poke their heads in and defend it while we work to defund it. Just Prior To Rollout, ObamaCare Hits Record Level Of Unpopularity -
  7. It's a matter of priorities....

    Political Rhetoric
    And the tour continues. Sorry, citizens, no time to run the Country. Sorry Bibi, no time for your Israeli nonsense. Sorry Libya "survivors", no time for you either. Got BIG TIME important shit to do!! Obama doing 'Daily Show' again -- two days after next debate - MSN TV News
  8. Does Product Liability Insurance matter to you when purchasing a new or used boat?

    PB Open Water
    Someone called the office this morning and asked about verification of product liability insurance on a manufacturer. I told him that he would have to call the mfr and request a copy of the certificate. Does anyone check this when making a used or new boat purchase. You SHOULD. This separates...
  9. Does size matter

    GN7 On the Dyno
    what are you guys running for push rod sizes.. 3/8, 7/16,5/8 you hear alot about cam size, but not alot about the push rods themselfs. I've got a mild build 461 bbc,with roller rockers and solid flat tappet a 640 lift
  10. RH/LH how much does it really matter?

    So I ended up with a set of left hand gears for a Casale :confused: Of course my box uses RH gears. :duh: Got to looking at them and was wondering how much it really matters. The prop thrust is handled in the lower housing, so the only thrust the gears see is whatever shear the oil transmits...
  11. ** BETTER CALL PHOTOGLOU NOW: Even if you have semi-truck/car; no matter make model**

    PB Open Water
    ** BETTER CALL PHOTOGLOU NOW: Even if you have truck/car; no matter make model** """" ATTN : CASH FOR CLUNKERS """" This STIMULUS dough is expected to be dwindled soon... So, who know's??, You might even get a better dealio ?? Even if it makes almost any sense....I say give it a try run...
  12. Does it matter if Obama really is a Muslim?

    Political Rhetoric
    Given that Obama’s profession of Christianity is essentially uncontested, one might wonder whether it really matters whether Obama once was Muslim. To many of the world’s approximately 1.4 billion Muslims, it apparently would matter a great deal. Experts on Islam generally agree that someone...
  13. Does Size Really oil pans.

    What would be the benifit to running say a 14 Qt. pan to a 12 Qt. pan. It would seem that more oil would run cooler but in my thinking only until it all reached the same operating temp. I will be running a Olsen cooler and was wondering what size pan, smaller pan by a couple of Qts. would be...