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  1. Maxi is the BIG 40 today!

    Happy Birthday [email protected] NUT!!!!..............
  2. Maxi & Mid Life Crisis, Burley triumphs - A Movie

    Maximus and Steve relax at the plush Burley Inn Tennis Club to discuss their achievements at the recent 2009 Idaho Regatta at Burley.
  3. Maxi is my hero...

    After seeing you guys make fun of Maxi and his Lindora fame, I descided to check it out. I started on December 8th, my goal to loose 50 pounds by my 50th B day, well today my AARP card came in the mail and I am 53 pounds lighter!! Thanks to Ben and the Lindora team, I have never felt better...
  4. Maxi...I predict he will win the Parker 300 next year

    and possibly take the rubber chicken from Uncle Tony this year at BBSP!!!!! Not only that, he will get great gas mileage and maybe, just maybe, get a hot chick to ride with him in his boat!!!!
  5. Maxi's new boat?

  6. Maxi headed to the outhouse!!!!

    Aren'tchya glad that ropes do more than just start weed wackers!!!
  7. Maxi, say it ain't so!

    So Maximus, the rumor on the street is your feelin a little pain....could this possibly keep you from performing in the 300??? I suggest a bag of frozen peas. Should hold the swelling and pain to a minimum. For any other pain relief please refer to the terms below in any doctor book of...