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  1. Bill de Blasio First Democrat Mayor in New York in Two Decades

    Political Rhetoric
    Bill de Blasio sworn in as NYC mayor So what political affiliation was Bloomberg??? Democrat, then Republican, and now Independent? He sure seemed like a Democrat to me! WTF??? :yes: Oh and wasn't Bill's wife once gay? Chirlane McCray: From Gay Trailblazer to Politician's Wife
  2. LA Mayor Race

    Political Rhetoric
    Who you think will win? Looking forward to getting Villaragosa out of there.
  3. UPLAND MAYOR 11 count Indictment

    Political Rhetoric
    Wasn't there someone on here always bragging about him and what an HONEST CIVIL SERVANT he was?????
  4. Walter Moore For L.A. Mayor

    PB Open Water
    Out of anyone, I am really liking this guy... Anyone but the current mayor PLEASE>>>>>>>>>
  5. God Bless the LANCASTER Mayor

    PB Open Water
    This guy has a huge set of balls, he said straight out, I am targeting GANG MEMBERS. Do a google or yahoo search... maybe our new muslim president can take a page from his book...
  6. Theres a new mayor in town

    Mideast and Great Lakes
    Bo Dukes in the house:)hand:)hand
  7. Hey mayor Mex....

    PB Open Water
    Dear Antonio Veeeeaaallllaaagggrosa.... Exactly who pays for your little jaunts that you take for Hilary, you know to Iowa, New Hampshire etc, and are you on the payroll while you do these little trips? And do those same people pay for your little "squeeze" also?? Hes not my mayor, but does...