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  1. V-Drives
    Hi I would like to know if anyone knows of a reputable V drive mechanic or repair shop in the southeast preferably within 300-400 miles of Martinsville VA. Looking to have my engine removed for rebuild then reinstalled. Also want to have the velvet drive and C500 casale gone through. I know I...
  2. Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Pulled the boat out of winter storage, and engine will not start. Boatmasters is backed up till July, can anyone hook me up with a quicker fix? Engine is a HP500EFI, stock except for an MSD 6 box, thanks.
  3. NorCal
    So over the weekend I got my boat out of winter storage. After a good cleaning, hooked the hose, and engine will not start. HP500EFI engine, stock except for an MSD 6 box, power to distributor, no spark. Boatmasters is backed up till July, I need a recommendation for another repair facility...
  4. Outboards
    My buddy needs help with a 1999 Honda 130, just bought it with 40 hours and fuel system had 6 year old fuel sitting in the fuel system. BF130A fuel system Anyone in Needle or Bullhead that can work on it?
  5. Jet Boats
    Hey everyone, was hoping to get some referrals to a trustworthy mechanic and boat detailer in the Parker/Havasu area. I have a bone stock '81 Eliminator 454bbc/berkeley. I now keep her out at Havasu Springs but live in San Diego. I never seem to have much time for the basics... tune-up, oil...
  6. East Coast - South
    I have a modified 496 HO Mercruiser. It has a Raylar 525 kit and numerous other modifications. 600 hp. I have had a couple of mechanics take a look at the engine and have been told that it is above their area of expertise. Everything checks out, but a surging neutral idle remains. Jumps around...
  7. PB Open Water
    I am looking for a reliable boat mechanic in the so cal. I currently live in Temecula however I do not mind traveling for a shop that is top notch and reliable. The question I HAVE IS WHO DO YOU GUYS USE?
  8. Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    We need to hire a full or part time mechanic for our golf cart shop that I run. This person needs to have general mechanical skills & golf cart knowledge is a plus. They would normally work from our shop but we also have service trucks to perform on-site service for our customers. We are very...
  9. West Coast - North
    Can anyone recommend a good outboard mechanic? I have a 1985 150 mariner, I'm located in Richland Oregon, looking in Ontario Oregon, Caldwell Nampa or nearby. Thanks
  10. East Coast - South
    I'm looking for an mechanic or marina in south western PA, north central WV, to work on a 1997 454MPI LX, experience, integrity and quality a must. Can any one recomend or help???
  11. Mideast and Great Lakes
    I'm looking for an mechanic or marina in south western PA, north central WV, to work on a 1997 454MPI LX, experience, integrity and quality a must. Can any one recomend or help???
  12. West Coast - South
    Just purchased a Shockwave and looking for a good and reliable mechanic in Havasu to the the servicing. Any suggestions?? Thank You!
  13. Off the Water
    hello, my name is Dean and i am fifteen, and am very interested in cars, boats, engines, fabrication, and wood design, i have taken the wood design class along with the advanced wood design class, and metal shop. i am currently a sophomore in high school, and am a assistant teacher for wood...
  14. East Coast - South
    I just bought a project boat..............'78 Sunkisst with a ford 460. Someone removed the intake manifold, carbs and other misc parts of the engine. A buddy of mine is a mechanic and knows how to put the engine back together. I want to be sure we get all the lines to the pump connected back...
  15. Michigan Hot Boats
    Hi all This summer my dad gave me his '68 Stevens flat bottom. It's in pretty decent shape overall and runs, but it needs some TLC this winter to fully bring it back. I'm looking for a shop that knows old v-drives and can do a thorough inspection to see what should be addressed. The motor...
  16. Jet Boats
    I have a 1990 21' Commander with a 454 and a Berkeley 12je with a split bowl and place diverter. Oil leaked from the intake grate after I filled up the bowl. I removed the bowl and found the bowl seal and what was left of the bowl bearings sitting on the shaft. The impeller and bowl look good to...
  17. Midwest
    i need A jet mechanic in western ar or eastern ok for insurance purposes...
  18. PB Open Water
    Guys, Ive got a girlfriend in Tempe that is in need of some help with her car, (Dodge Neon), times are a little rough right now and I would ask for someone that may look at the car for her.
1-18 of 45 Results