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  1. New member Introductions
    I'm Mike I recently bought a 1980 centurion 25 ft. Daycruiser with a 454 and twin turbo setup
  2. New member Introductions
    Hi, I'm a North American manufacturer's rep for racing apparel of all kinds. Including boat racing. Products include dye sublimated team shits, jackets, windbreakers, shorts and more. Also screen printing and embroidery. If I can be of service to you, just let me know. [email protected]
  3. New member Introductions
    I have a 2006 Carrera Party Effect deck boat. I'm looking to replace my Bimini tops. Can anyone recommend a good place to go in Bullhead City, Needles, or Lake Havasu?
  4. New member Introductions
    Been boating in the Blythe area since 1960 with my Dad.. All my boating is in the lower river. I own a 1985 Performance 19 with a BBC. I am retired and spend a lot of time at a trailer park in Ehrenberg AZ. Hope to see ya on the river this next summer.. Dickweed....
  5. Michigan Hot Boats
    Anyonehave contact info for (SecordLaker)? Looks like he was last on in 2015, I tried private message with no luck. Would like to connect with him about a boat. If you can share any contact info that would be awesome! Thanks Jon
  6. PB Open Water
    Anyone have contact info for (SecordLaker)? Looks like he was last on in 2015, I tried private message with no luck. Would like to connect with him about a boat. If you can share any contact info that would be awesome! Thanks Jon
  7. New member Introductions
    Good day all! I just joined today after reading about one of the 10 rarest COUGAR v-drive boats article. I owned the #4 boat for almost 28 years. It's the one I sold to Marcel Lavoie, but had I have known about the rareness of the boat, it would not have been sold!! I won first place with this...
  8. New member Introductions
    Hi, new to boating, looking for a son the that offers technical support and tips! I have a 1977 Century Arabian 454 Crusader velvet/v-drive. I'm the second owner, pretty well maintained. She had sat in storage inside for about 4 years, I soaked the pistons in my secret formula, new battery...
  9. Greg Shoemaker
    Hi everyone; I've been stalking the forum for a while now while working on what I guess I would call a "mini" jet boat build (nope, not another NZ river mini.... think mini Southwind TD or Placecraft... :D), and I'd like to ask for some help with a final detail on the design before I start the...
  10. New member Introductions
    I purchased a 1980 TR-2 named Flat nasty 146 a couple years ago. I think it ran BGF. The boat was painted by Billy B and still looks good but the previous owner could have been taken better care of the boat but that is a different story. I am trying to find the history of the boat. When I got...
  11. New member Introductions
    Bought this boat about six months ago. Been a fun project. Any one on this site interested in the smaller boats? Its hard to find a suitable forum for those who like them Mine is 13' 1987 Rapid Craft with a 70 hp Evinrude. Still trying to get everything working correctly as far a set up goes...
  12. New member Introductions
    Just Recently Picked Up A 1978 19ft Bahner Boat, Got It for a Good Price.. Original Gel Coats In Great Shape, Interior is Great As Well But Does Need Some Fiberglass Repair on Bottom of the Hull Any Recommendations For That Kinda Wok.. Had Sum Estimates From Pats in Upland,Ca As Well As Powell...
  13. New member Introductions
    Hey All! Thanks for the ad. Been lurking and reading threads here long enough. Figured it was time to be a part of the boating society. Picked up a new to me Cobra Viper for family fun. I want to start making more trips to the river but need to get a system down, (less expensive hotels...
  14. Outboards
    If anyone knows or can contact him please ask him to pm me HammerDown/Ray here....thanks!
  15. New member Introductions
    What's up guys, first time poster, long time stalker of forums. Found some great topics in here on Sunkist/sunkisst gullwings and alot of info so figured this is a good place to go for info and knowledge. Just picked up a 1990 sunkisst performer (I think) serial starts with sjn. 468 bbc with...
  16. New member Introductions
    Hi guys was going to say I'm not a owner, But I guess I am because I'm trying to find out some info on a boat thats been in the family garage since 1977 I have a boat that has been garaged since 1977. I know very little about circle racer boats. This is a circle racer. I don't know how to id...
  17. New member Introductions
    Hello, I’m a new member on here from Oregon. I am not sure where to post thisquestion so please chime in and I will take my question to that section. I just acquired a fiberglass boat off craigslist that I do notknow much about. The boat title lists the manufacturer as a “Caldwell” and if I...
  18. New member Introductions
    Grew up in SoCal. Spent summers on Lake Mohave and Lake San Antonio in the family's 1977 Spectra 18 jet. Now I live in NC with a family of my own. Parents moved out here a few years later and brought the Spectra; so now my father and I split captain duties.
1-18 of 102 Results