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  1. +++++mid plates (casale) new and used ++++++

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    +++++mid plates (fit casale) new and used dress up kits++++++ $40 to $100 fit casale text 951 870-69ten also on craigslist ie
  2. [SOLD] Mid plate casale and braces $100

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  3. [For Sale] 2006 dunntech fi 350 mid engine

    ATV, Offroad, Dirt Bikes
    06 Dunntech fuel injected 350, fresh Mendeola, four person intercom, race radio, 934 cvs, 28500.00 obo. 909-239-9003
  4. 2003 Hallet 340 Mid Cabin with Open bow

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    34' 2003 Hallett 340. Very clean boat that has twin Mercury Racing 525's paired to Mercury ITS extension boxes with integrated hydraulic Steering. Boat has full instrumentation, power steering, stereo, cabin, built in cooler, Mid cabin w - open bow, lighting, storage galore, V-Birth, power...
  5. [SOLD] travel trailer mid 1990,s

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    travel trailer mid 1990,s or newer around 21 ft must be very clean........self contained ect.........gonna put it at a rv park on the beach in san diego we rented for 90 days....for the summer
  6. Casale 10 Degree Mid Plate Question

    Looking for a little insight into what has to be done to a v drive to go from a 3/8" mid plate to a 1/2" mid plate. Do the cases need to be machined .125 to run the thicker plate, do the gears just need to be re-set with different spacers, do the input and output shafts need to be machined, etc...
  7. [Other] Mazzone mid engine sandrail

    ATV, Offroad, Dirt Bikes
    I have a Mazzone mid engine sandrail wit a ported and polished 13b rotory and lots of billet. Trans rebuilt with aftermarket parts. Appraised at 8500 by local shop looking to sell or trade. Looking for side by side, 4 seater rail in like condition or Manx buggy....or? I will get better pics...
  8. Differant Thickness mid plate casale

    I have a 12 degree casale with 3/8 plate and 8 degree castle with a 1/2 inch plate why the differance
  9. Mid Plate

    The Mid Plate in my V-drive has some corrosion around the water jacket area. I am thinking about just replacing it. I have a sheet of 3/8" 6061-T6. I would use the old plate as a template. Is there any special that needs to be done? Thanks Chuck
  10. WANTED 29ft magic or levey mid cabin open bow

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    Looking for an early 2000s boat in 30k range. I like the magic wizard but any mid cabin the has a closed cabin I would consider. Must be EFI and closed loop cooling. I sold my last boat and am ready to get a new on between now and fall.
  11. [SOLD] Hallett mid deck flat. $ 850

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    1966 Hallett mid deck v drive, rebuilt Casale top loader with 18s and a swirlaway, Steel tanks, Nicson single axle trailer with good tires/bearings. Adj cav, plate, autometer gauges, Boat is very solid, last owner said it takes a great set. Right hand steering, 2 front bucket seats, I hear it...
  12. Mid Range surge

    Jet Boats
    I'm getting a surge, almost a miss, between 3200 and 3800 rpm. The motor is a 508 BBF, 12:1, .715" lift mechanical roller, timing set at 34 total. Rings, bearings, timing set, valve job, lifers and rockers this season, but the bottom end is basically the same combo as last year. What's new is...
  13. any v drive guys in mid Georgia

    Hey guys im all alone in mid georgia columbus, americus area . I live a few miles from Jimmy Carter in the middle if nowhere .nothing but john boats and bass boats ...just wanted to see if there was anybody else around to meet up with. I know there is a few guys in north ga but thats 3 plus...
  14. Pisciotta Mid size Kurtis

    Does anyone know what happened to the Pisciotta Molds? does some one have them stashed away?? When I wrenched a few races for Mission Possible we ran that hull..And I think the TAH Thunder from Down Under was the same hull...starting a new project....Looking for info....
  15. [SOLD] 2 v drive mid plates

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    First is new polished mid plate that I cut to fit stringers then changed directions. Never mounted case to it. 100 to your door. next is used polished with some pits but did not leak. 50 to your door.
  16. WTS Casale mid plate

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    :cool: used 3/8 aluminum Casale mid plate Contact Adam (714) 264-six429 Asking $60 Open to trades:thumb:
  17. WTB Need Casale Mid Plate asap

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    Just like the tital says. Need a mid plate this week. Please let me know what you have. thanks,
  18. WTB 20" offshore mid smoothback

    Parts for Sale
    I am looking for a 20" smooth back offshore tower for a 2.5 Merc. Any help would be appreciated.
  19. Mid 80s evinrude xp control box

    Hey guys. So I have a mid 80s (88 I believe) evinrude 200xp. Runs good but the control box is jacked. Trim button doesn't work and it's just worn. I've been searching on ebay and there are only a couple for sale. There's the new style brp ones also. What would I have to do to use one of...
  20. Mid January?

    Political Rhetoric
    What year? Up To 40 Percent Of Obamacare Website Hasn't Been Built Yet: Official Reuters | By David Morgan Posted: 11/20/2013 9:40 am EST | Updated: 11/20/2013 4:20 pm EST WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Up to 40 percent of the technology needed to run the new Obamacare health insurance...