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    I have had a MEP-015a sitting around for a while. I want to get it up and running but it needs a few parts. Anyone have any experience with these? It's a 1.5KW gas AC generator, someone else's pic of it attached. Specifically I need a new frequency indicator dial and probably some other minor stuff.
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    Military Finds One of Mexico's Largest Meth Labs Tuesday, June 16, 2009 11:25 PM BADIRAGUATO, Mexico -- The Mexican Navy gave reporters a firsthand look Tuesday at what they described as one of the largest methamphetamine labs ever found in Mexico, with enough ephedrine to produce more than 40...
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    Ok who's got a hook up for military trailers? I need a m416
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    My father passed away 10 years ago this year and we found some old pics of him. It started me thinking about him again this AM. He was raised in an oprphange and became a life long military man starting with the Merchant Marines when he was 16. Eventually became a CWO and was very sucessful...
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    If you personally or your son or daughter are currently serving in our Military, who do you want to be our Commander in Chief ?? McCain or Obama.........
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    its funny how when this story broke yesterday on cnn late in the day. The story changed 3 times in a 2 hour news cast. The Mexican milltary put a hush hush on it real fast. Funny how they have been busted a few times over the last few month for doing this do a quick search and you will see...
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    As I came out of the supermarket that sunny day, pushing my cart of groceries towards my car, I saw an old man with the hood of his car up and a lady sitting inside the car, with the door open. The old man was looking at the engine. I put my groceries away in my car and continued to watch the...
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    So what does everyone think of the US Solider who took out his frustrations on the Quran ?? I see it as no different than them burning the American Flag, and I don't Muslim leaders denouning that practice.
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    I usually watch the Gangland series and last nite they had an episode about how the military has lowered their standards on enlistment to fill the ranks and have allowed felons to enter. So now they are telling us that known gangs exist in the ranks and they are using their military training...