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  1. Internet mind rot

    Sub-image wink/smile/hand gesture/personal logo Sorry, this was the end of a very stupid post, which I couldn't figure out how to just the end no attention ( admins, how DO you remove your own post?)
  2. Lost My Mind!

    Caught the addiction and bought another one. Need it like a hole in the head but oh well! It's a 75 Pro Stock 396 BBC pretty well original.
  3. The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness

    Political Rhetoric
    Not much to comment on but the article pretty much says it all! The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness - Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr, MD - Page full
  4. Here is a tiny bit of help for the liberals.... Please keep an open mind...

    Political Rhetoric
    You legislate and pass laws, not cram "executive orders" down our throats using a bogus excuse!!! Executive Order indeed! Obama Executive Orders Impose New Gun Rules | Oh, I almost forgot, the liberal "help" video....
  5. Perry lost his mind

    Political Rhetoric
    I guess at least some of you saw that. He looked as lost as Obama with a teleprompter malfunction! (:)eek(:)
  6. CA has lost it's mind.........

    Political Rhetoric
    Fucking Libtards. 1st: California Dream Act approved for illegal immigrants | Reuters The new California law is fairly limited in scope, making undocumented students who qualify eligible for private scholarships. A separate bill under consideration in the legislature would allow illegal...
  7. my wife has lost her mind

    PB Open Water
    ok i been out of town alot this year ,,,well i get home fri night ,,,and we have a new member to the bunch,, another great dane puppy ,,our other dane is not take it to well she is wound up over this cause the puppy is sleeping n the bed with us and that is her spot other dogs...
  8. Has Obama lost his xxx xxxx mind!

    Political Rhetoric
    Seriously, someone please make sense out of this bs! We're now going to sell Military equipment to terrorist? WTF!!!!!!,2933,506648,00.html
  9. Blows my mind..

    West Coast - South
    That no one wants the TX19 I have for sale???
  10. Does anyone have any 4150 base holley's they wouldnt mind lending out for one day?

    Jet Boats
    I would like to barrow any 4150 base carbs 750 or bigger (set of two) for the Tom Papp deal, just for the one day. Would be willing to pay or whatever it woud take to do so. Thanks alot Steve.
  11. Something on my mind! Never Forget!!!

    PB Open Water
    A tribute to the New York City Firefighters! Never Forget! NEVER!
  12. Who comes to mind?

    Jet Boats
    I stole this from another web site (sorry Brad) but it reminded me of someone here :D B9q2jNjOPdk&eurl
  13. Customer changed mind. LCD TV Sale

    Other Stuff for Sale
    Sorry if this is in the wrong spot. (Move if needed) I had a customer change there minds on the TV's they wanted. Of course this is after I ordered them and had them delivered. Before I send them back and charge him the restocking fee, I wanted to give the board an opportunity to save some...