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  1. Last Minute Maui Rental One Bedroom, Sleeps 4 On the Water

    Other Stuff for Sale
    We have two weeks available from our time share. The weeks are June 25- July2 and July 2-July 9th. The condo is on the water and has a 180 degree view of the ocean, 40 yards away from the room. It has one bedroom with a sleeper sofa. It is on the third floor. The condo is in a smaller...
  2. Almost here and worth every minute of waiting

    Jet Boats
    Almost here and worth every minute of waiting October maybe After a ton of research The work began a few months back and it's almost here....... This was my sneak peek :)Unsure Sounds like it might get done sometime in October fingers crossed, long journey.
  3. Some last minute questions

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Rumor has it I can go get my short block and heads tomorrow. I hope to have an assembled motor by sunday night. I popped my bronze gear off the dizzy last night......its one of the last things on my to buy list. I am not sure how well you can see it in this pic....but all of the wear is in the...
  4. GOP - Power in the money, money in the power, minute after minute, hour after hour...

    Political Rhetoric
    Gas tax, infrastructure funding puts some daylight between GOP House, Senate leaders | Fox News Neither will ever let an opportunity to grow Federal Government go to waste.
  5. 1 minute tribute to Chris Blevins

    On Sept 21st, 2013 over 100 hot boats gathered in Pirates Cove to celebrate and remember Chris Blevins....... Blown gas flats to the rope!
  6. 1 minute Youtube a MUST WATCH!!

    Political Rhetoric
    The danger was clear mid-last century.
  7. last minute ! CA to AZ and back

    leaving norcal headed to kingman area tommorrow morning , via las vegas , coming back to sacramento area friday morning , empty hitch and a bit of empty space , anyone in need ?
  8. There's no minute like the last minute..........

    Jet Boats
    Got home from a much needed vacation and have lots of work to do to get to the river this weekend: Boat is back from West Coast Custom Marine....thanks Danny the work looks great: the pump is back from The Bostick: I had it powder coated, so while it was a-part Bostick got parts from CS 19...
  9. OK LAST MINUTE Christmas shoppers!!!

    PB Open Water
    Here is a tecnnique that may help you folks!!!
  10. Still looking for last minute Christmas presents?

    We inventoried what's left in the shop and found two two blade prop covers, one three blade prop cover, one two blade prop storage bag and one three blade prop storage bag. Each item is $50. plus $5.95 for shipping if local pickup isn't possible. Hurry though as the last priority mail that can...
  11. [Video] 10 minute Dragboat video

    San Diego 2004. This is raw footage no music or announcer audio. Thanks for watching. :))THumbsUp
  12. Last Minute Long Beach Items?

    If anyone needs anything from the Phx area,or Bergeron I'd be happy to bring to long beach. we are driving late tonite to get there in the morning. just call me @ (480) 832-6002 mike
  13. Going down for a reboot in about 1 minute.

    PB Open Water
    Sorry to have to do this in the middle of the day.
  14. Last minute Run?

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Some of us are going out this Saturday. Last minute planning. Orwoods between 10:00-10:30. See you at the ramp!:)hand Alittle test and tune and beach time and some boating!
  15. One minute of stress release

    Jet Boats
    For me :)devil I so needed Saturdays Romp around the lake! My going Postal meter was in the red. All good now :D
  16. 16 Minute Video Montage From The Lower River

    PB Open Water
    I posted this on the just jets thread yesterday, I hope you guys enjoy it in the open water thread. Watch "Great river Memories"
  17. Last minute Johnson Valley push. Please read

    PB Open Water
    We have a last minute need in the Johnson Valley effort as we've found out there is a chance to make EVERYONE happy...except the tree it COULD be a WIN/WIN/DOUBLE WIN With 6 days to go in this important comment period, a new push has been put together because it appears we can...
  18. last minute shopping

    PB Open Water
    So, I head out for some last minute shopping. Just need a few small things for the wife because I already got the primary present. I decide to stroll in Victoria Secret thinking that not only will I be getting something for her but the sheer lacy present will also produce some nice fringe...
  19. Last minute plans....Anyone in?

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Tomorrow 9am'ish, Orwood to Garlic Bro's. Stop at ski beach to pop a couple sodas on the way. Then a BBQ at mi casa around 7pm. Anyone down? Don't be a vagina! If you cant make lunch, make the BBQ....