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  1. Missing boat, semi truck and driver ... Help

    A buddy of mine here in Alaska, Brian Saupe bought a 24' open now boat in Lake Havasu about two months ago. His trucker friend picked it up at the dealer and headed back to Alaska. He was scheduled to be back up here May 11th, the last time my friend heard from him he was in Washington heading...
  2. **MISSING** Please help

    Uncle Tony , Havasu Barney , Wicky , Plum Crazy , Max and Sharp Shooter These guys went missing one night . Rumor has it they were spotted in the Joshua Tree Gay Lounge dancing Salsa and having a gay old time . They were doing body shots til one of them choked on UTs hairy chest . Afterwards...
  3. what happened to Emily... still missing??

    PB Open Water
    missing since july 22
  4. ATTN: JIMSPLACE... are all Dems idiots? or am i missing something?

    Political Rhetoric
    AG Loretta Lynch – Democrats Not Responsible For Inner City Crime, The Schools Did It AG Loretta Lynch - Democrats Not Responsible For Inner City Crime, The Schools Did It ⋆ UFP NEWS#
  5. More missing weapons

    Political Rhetoric
    Lots of them. we gave Afghanistan 100,000 more fully automatic than they actually needed, but it's ok, they can't account for only 40% of them. Something seriously wrong with 'policy' if that is the end result off all the money spent in a dirt bag country who's GNP is about zero save to the...
  6. Missing email?

    Political Rhetoric
    WTH kind of e-mail does IRS use? My email isn't on the hard drive, it's at hotmail/outlook website. Makes no sense to have it stored on your own pc, you would always need to have that pc just to sign on.....As for backup, i bet hotmail is..and that does count whoever sent the email, their...
  7. State Department Missing $6B

    Political Rhetoric
    So I wonder if the missing $6B has any connection to Benghazi/ :shhh: A little diversion of funds to certain entities and show the paperwork being for a contractor instead? just wondering. Watchdog: State Department can’t fully account for $6B worth of contracts | Fox News
  8. missing 200 ft lb starter

    Jet Boats
    would the person who mistakenly took my 200 ft lb starter between thurs 5PM and friday 3:30 from jet boat plus contact me by pm or email me at [email protected] i'm sure there was a lot of things you lost and this was just an accident. thank you
  9. missing 200 lb toqure starter

    will the person who mistakenly took my 200 ft lb starter between thurs 5PM and friday 3:30 from jet boat plus please contact me by pm or email me at [email protected] I'm sure there was a lot of things you lost and it was just an accident
  10. Hahahaha, you guys are missing a real education over on FB

    WFL Crew
    Over on the Jetboat Rocks Facebook page this guy posts this up. Over 330 posts/replies in just a few hours. "Some companies are claiming to had built a ""gullwing mold "" and now are producing 19' gullwings.. for race and or for daily cruising. I hear also that companies such " "so...
  11. Missing threads

    Jet Boats
    There was a glitch eralier. it is mostly restored. Please list missing threads such as. V-Drive killers. Found it in my list of latest posts. None in the jet section.
  12. 509 Twin Turbo...anything I am missing here?

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Hopefully pulling my 468 twin turbo this weekend-ish. I pulled it last season to find the bottom end in rough shape...stretched rod bolts, loose caps, and some bearings on the wrong side of good. Other than some low oil pressure though, the engine ran fine and never made any noise. I thought I...
  13. What is my drivetrain missing??

    Jet Boats
    I'm finally making progress on my boat after it sat for four years and got moved halfway across the country. I realized I left my flywheel/pto and bellhousing/4pt mount in storage. Luckily, member Andyc came to the rescue and sent me one (thanks again!) However, now I've got everything put...
  14. 400 Surface to Air Missiles Missing from Benghazi!

    Political Rhetoric
    Holy S%$T.....Geraldo was right A lawyer representing one of the whistleblowers with knowledge of the deadly attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi last September says 400 surface-to-air missiles were "diverted to Libya" during the attack and fell into "the hands of some very ugly people."...
  15. Missing During Any Crisis

    Political Rhetoric
  16. Exhaust flapper missing....

    Jet Boats
    Hey guys. Have a 74 cheetah with a 454 in it. Has glenwood log manifolds and water risers through the transom. Yesterday I checked the oil level and noticed it was milky. First thing I thought he's gaskets or worse, block issue... So as I was check things and draining the oil I was walking back...
  17. Missing a Phone Call

    PB Open Water
    Couldn't find the What Chaps Your Azz thread, so i'm gonna add mine here. nothing pisses me off more than grabbing my cell phone to answer a call ,and i miss it by a nano second. Then to call that person back right away and they don't answer. then I spend 10 minutes calling them back with the...
  18. Anyone missing a jet boat?

    Jet Boats
    Saw this sitting on the side of the road while cycling with some friends. I'm guessing that someone didn't want it anymore and just stripped it and dumped it to avoid paying any dumping fees. Wonder what the make is. Doesn't look like it was ever a really good boat.
  19. Missing person-jurupa valley

    PB Open Water
  20. Missing Piston Ring

    I was putting together a boat motor for my Brother-In-Laws Biesemeyer with a new set up rings I have had on the shelf for 10 years, when I came up short on the Second Piston ring. Does anybody have a single BBC Second Ring, .030, 1/16? I will take anything, cast iron, moly, even a good looking...