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  1. Kurtis 501 Pro Mod

    Boats for Sale
    Just add Your Engine and go. Will need capsule updated $14.000.00 Contact me for more info, Boat located in s/w Pa. Doug @ 724-846-7638 leave msg I will return your call. Comes with everything you see plus some spare stuff.I do have more pictures. need any info just ask.
  2. [Question] Has anyone seen this Pro Mod boat ?

    Has any one seen this boat in the past couple years, used to belong to my dad he raced it as a pro mod called (wasted money #199) Bitz hull then sold it about 6 years ago heard it was racing with the SDBA was just wondering who has it and where it is now ? Thanks Joey
  3. Hi from Lake Huron Canada: Scorpion 230 jet drive mod!

    New member Introductions
    Hi, Just signed up becuase i got some good info off here. I'm presently (Highly) modifying a Chris Craft Scorpion 230 to a jet drive. The boat has been lightened to around 1100 lbs hull weight with cabin. Expected AUW Around 2200-2300 lbs or less. gone is the outdrive and 350 merc. all wood...
  4. Prospects new build mod v hull

    Boats for Sale
    Hello Looking to generate interested towards a new sweet ride, a new pro build of a classic hot boat mini . Any one who might be interested please let me know all boats would be built by a performance boat building company .This boat can be setup for outboard as well, very stable fun fast...
  5. air entrapment mod on swtd

    User "How To" Section
    need some advice on how to tackle this mod . I want to do the 2x4 one instead of the aluminum plate .
  6. Pro Mod Questions

    General Pro Mod questions: #1 - What RPM are some of you launching? #2 - What RPM does engine flash to on the hit? #3 - How may seconds from the hit do some of you shift into 2nd? #4 - What RPM does engine pull down to at shift?
  7. Cav plate mod for wake

    Hi guys, Finally got the car up and running, now it's time for the boat. Just put a fresh 427TD in last night and having some issues with oil pressure, but I think I'm on it.... I was down East (with the car) and skiing behind my buddy's flattie. He's been playing around with his cav plate and...
  8. EFI / MFI pro mod

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Hass sent me the link to this twin turbo pro mod. Inside Scott Oksas' Twin-Turbo Pro Mod Engine - EngineLabs The way they blended EFI and MFI with this setup is pretty interesting.
  9. Milodon Jet Boat Pan Mod

    GN7 On the Dyno
    There are a lot of jet boat owners who complain about unusual oil pressure behavior while their 460 engines are running at sustained rpm in their vessels. There are a number of reasons why such unwanted oil pressure behavior may occur, but with the Milodon jet boat pan the complaints seem to be...
  10. [Question] teague 496 blower mod

    PB Open Water
    I have heard that teague can tune on a stock 496 pretty well, that they even got a reliable blower set up. I would trust their work 100%. Im just wondering if anyone on here has taken their motor to them for a similar mod. How did your boat like it? have you had any issues. now that you have the...
  11. [SOLD] 2007 Grimes Pro Mod Hydro

    Boats for Sale
    Trying to get this boat sold know the boat, you know what we paid at the auction so no haggling on the price, $4000 firm as firm can be...boat is located in Phoenix and being stored in the garage, but now need the garage space for something else, not to mention not going to build...
  12. Steering Tiller Mod

    Jet Boats
    Bringing this up maybe to help with ideas. Version 2 a few posts down. We lost 2 rounds this year due to the cast aluminum place calgo steering tiller bending at the hit and putting up nozzle in the boat. I'm sure the factory tiller is enough for most applications but for some reason not for...
  13. Wanted kurtis 501 pro mod hydro

    Boats for Sale
    looking for a kurtis 501 pro mod hydro, preferably on west coast, but will travel for a good deal. Any leads would be appreciated. Thanks
  14. Looking for boat mod help

    West Coast - South
    Im trapped in this little town in wyoming and everyone speaks farmer, lol. I can not for the life of me find anything im used to, I am in need of someone to do or help me cut my boat and do the panther to berkley conversion, its to big of a chore for me i think (still may try it if i cant find...
  15. [Question] Open bow mod? Doable?

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    Considering an open bow mod to this boat... Thoughts? Advice? Yes paint /interior are already budgeted... New 455 already placed...
  16. If I were a PRF mod...

    Political Rhetoric
    I'd give everyone a vacation who can't figure out how to quote. In addition I would include the people who failed to repair quotes when quoting someone who failed to quote in the first place. Just sayin. :happy:
  17. Jeff Miller after accident in pro mod

    Kentucky Drag Boat Association - KDBA
    Thoughts and prayers to Jeff Miller and family after accident in pro mod at Hamilton Ohio race. Last word recieved was out of surgery to repair and pin compound fracture of right leg is currently in Miami Valley hospital in Dayton,Ohio
  18. Fast Boat Mod v-hull 200hp Mercury

    Boats for Sale
    This boat has been completely redone last year. It’s a Sterling 16 ft mod v hull which has two tunnels. It is ready to go. Has a 200hp Mercury outboard with a 30 pitch mercury chopper. It has a hydraulic Jack Plate and trim. Interior is brand new. Has 4 component speakers with a 10” sub with...
  19. Matt Hagan Pro Mod lic.

    Anyone see Matt Hagan @ Marble Falls get his pro mod license. Pretty cool deal:))THumbsUp.
  20. [Announcment] West Coast PRO MOD Race Teams

    Races and Boating Events
    Calling out Pro Mod drivers or aspiring Pro Mod drivers. Over the past few years, events and racing opportunities have been declining from the West Coast Racer's. The boat count for those of us who can still make some events has also followed suit with a declining boat count. Not so long ago it...