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  1. Jet Boats
    I am looking at swapping out the BBF for a chrysler 440. Right now I am on the hunt for basically everything for the swap mounts,pto, ect
  2. Parts for Sale
    I have a nice pair of 460 polished logs with O/Ts. $500.00, I have a Weiand Stealth 460 Manifold with a nice 3310 Holley on it with dual feed line. $400.00. Mallory polished billet distributor for 460 with new 8mm wires and coil $300.00. A pair of fresh passenger 460 heads $400.00, all the...
  3. Parts for Sale
    Boat was sitting for 5 years and I bought it a few months ago... Everything was built in 1994 in Sacramento and I know it only went out 3 times for less than an hour for the past 8 years Motor has 2 bad pistons, dropped valve seats into cylinder...ran good before that and there has been a new...
  4. Parts for Sale
    Restoring another oldie but goddie. A Modular Jet Boat. Looking for a tunnel or cross ram for 440 Mopar. Also some decent interior. Two buckets and a .rear bench. Prefer most anything but Brown. Yellow or blue would be best.
  5. Parts for Sale
    Buying a boat with a six pack 440 without the six pack manifold of course connected to a 727 Torqueflight trans, it was just freshened up recently and is running in the boat. The boat also has a Champion v-drive. Is there a market for this setup? I am putting a Chevy with a TH400 in it...
  6. Parts for Sale
    anybody got a set of exhaust logs for a 440 mopar preferably eddelbrock but anythingelse will do. thanks.
  7. Parts for Sale
    I have 2 sets of Crower severe duty roller lifters for a .903" lifter bore. They have the tie-bars attached and have the wide wheel. One set is standard (push-rod cup in the center on both lifters) and one set has the push-rod cup on the intake lifter off-set .180". They are $100 per set...
  8. V-Drives
    anybody have any suggestions or ideas on making the rear flywheel cover / mount.. cant find one for sale and nobody makes one .
  9. Parts for Sale
    Looking for MoPar rb motor plates 440 426 hemi . thanks
  10. GN7 On the Dyno
    I'm putting the 440 together for the mini day cruiser (jet), and it is looking like I'll be right around 11:1 on compression with open chamber 90cc stock heads and 12.5:1 with 80cc aluminum heads. I was going to reuse a solid lifter Mopar purple cam that I have: 296 duration, 110 centerline and...
  11. V-Drives
    Want to lake water cool. Engine has a jesel belt drive. I do have a teague belt drive sea water pump on it now. I used it for the lake water side of a heat exchanger. I am doing away with the closed loop (heat exchanger) system, too much to fail and it did. Can I feed the engine directly with...
  12. Parts for Sale
    VALVE COVERS: 1. Big Block Mopar M/T, part #103R-88B, fit 361-383-400-413-426-440...$75 2. Small Block Ford, chrome...$40 INTAKES: 1. Offenhauser Big Block Mopar, part# 5186, 2 x 4...$200 2. Edelbrock SBC 2 x 4 Tunnel Ram top, tall plenum chamber...$75 3. Edelbrock SBC 2 x 4 Tunnel Ram top...
  13. Parts for Sale
    I have everything you would need to put together a 440. It is basically a stocker motor. The important pieces are the mounts and hardware that I am guessing might be wanted. I have torn it down to rebuild but have decided to go another way... This was a running motor before I pulled it to find...
  14. GN7 On the Dyno
    I have a stock set of 346 Mopar heads. I'm wondering if the steel 346 heads with porting and the bigger valves can flow enough to keep up with a 510 CU IN with a healthy cam. Not sure on the cam specs yet, but it is going in my 21' mini cruiser jet. I took the block down to have it cleaned up...
  15. Jet Boats
    Hello to this forum.i used to have a 75 taylor jet boat with a 460 ford .i am looking to buy another jet boat without a motor because i have a 440 motor that i built for a drag car.does anybody still make parts to install this motor in a jet boat.thanks for any help.thanks bill fields
  16. Parts for Sale
    Supercharged Completely Polished Aluminum 540 Hemi Engine This 540 Aluminum Hemi engine is built for pro street or the racer who wants the horsepower and durability of a race engine and the drivability of a street engine. This Hemi is a fully water-jacketed motor with a hydraulic roller...
  17. Parts for Sale
    If you have an aluminum timing gear cover with four bolt water pump capability I would love to have it...will pay..which is highly unusual for me...(Just Joking)... So 440 Dodge/Chrysler will work and prefer something that is nice...if it just needs polishing that's fine...but if it's been...
  18. Parts for Sale
    I want to pull out the 455 olds and swap in my 440 mopar this fall, I need mounting plates, flywheel, pto, headers, etc. All the olds stuff will be available at the end of boating season this year if anyone needs anything... Thanks you I'm Jason by the the way first post of many here.....:)
  19. Parts for Sale
    I know that many people are superstitious of some of the more recent flat tappet cams and lifters, but I have a few sets of old stock lifters that were sitting at Sissell Heads for a number of years, so they may be "safer" to use than some of the new imported stuff. From left to right in the...
1-20 of 31 Results