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  1. Parker Lucas Sat morning

    Races and Boating Events
    Still blowing and it seems some steam also blew at Registration......
  2. Circle Boat Racers on KTLA This Morning

    This Sunday morning on Channel 5 KTLA (Los Angeles) on Burrous' Bites, Ed Solis (P-5) takes Chris Burrous to Joey's BBQ in Chino. There is even a shot of a few Crackerboxes. Looks like Long Beach. Burrous’ Bites: Joey’s BBQ | KTLA
  3. morning wood

    PB Open Water
    anyone heading to mexico over the weekend .chapo needs his fuzzy slippers.
  4. [SOLD] Morning Wood

    Boats for Sale
    SOLD Morning Wood 1963 Stevens Wooddecker Center Deck Bought this with plans of replacing the deck but have another project I want to focus on it is completely derigged sitting on a road trailer with new axles, wheels and tires Stringers and floor are good just paid registration...
  5. Drag boats this morning, 0700 hrs, MAVTV

    Pro-Mods from Nov. 4, 2014
  6. FBI alert this morning

    Political Rhetoric
    The local news, Pittsburgh Pa, has a story this morning that the FBI has issued a threat alert for "police and white citizens" specific to our area. A credible informant gave info that gangs and affiliates are going to target "police and white citizens" so no cops are going to answer calls...
  7. Morning Wood

    OK guys I know a lot of you have info on my boat...seems to be passed around like a whore. I want to know if anyone knows the name of the red it was painted with. Just removed the glass tanks and I am not happy with the box it left on the floor so I was going to spray the sides and floor...
  8. Secord Lake Sunday Morning Racing

    Michigan Hot Boats
    Well it's time to start Racing again!:)devil Fultilt you've slept in long enough this Spring. We will have the boats out almost every Sunday morning. If any of you guys from MHB want to come up an join us your more than welcome to. We usually start around 8 am and done by 11:00. We don't just...
  9. Met Sarah Palin this morning

    Went it for a dental appt and Sarah walked in just in front of me. She was awesome, took time to talk and a pic, not one ounce of snobbishness at all AND .... she looks so much younger in person than on TV or this pic, she is absolutely gorgeous!!! Then as I was leaving in walks her husband...
  10. My Synopsis of Obama's Speech this morning.- 1/14

    Political Rhetoric
  11. superduty left me stranded this morning

    Off the Water
    well as some of you have seen i have been having some cold start issues with my 6.0 f350. well this morning it was real cool and the bastard just would not start. Even ran the batteries dead trying to get her fired. It sounded liek she wanted to run but just could not maintain idel. So i had to...
  12. Catalina Ski Races Great Morning

    PB Open Water
    It was nice to see so many great people out having a good time in the sun and water. I was talking to a guy that was going to ride observer in one of the 21 outboard boats. He said is one crazy ride across the ocean channel. It makes my back hurt to think about it.
  13. someones getting a new CP in the morning

    PB Open Water
    not me......but he better bring some sunglasses and some SPF2K;)
  14. Aww, The Sound Of a DCB M31 In The Morning.

    PB Open Water
    Is there anything better than waking up on a Sunday Morning to a DCB M31?:D DCB M31 @ DS2011 - YouTube
  15. Morning Wood get's wet

    put the stevens in the water today for the first time ran fantastic didn't take on much water at all.The only issue I had was who ever put the steering in hooked it up backwards so my next question is how hard is it to flip it around it has the chain and cable type steering any help would be...
  16. Who Had the BAH on Pine Flat this morning??

    And sorry, I was runnin' for my binoculars, not my camera.. That thing must have a big tank... It was out and about for about a 1/2 hour.. :))THumbsUp Heard it make 3-4 good passes but I only saw it from a good distance. I could see it was red, had a two speed and he wasn't afraid... Not at...
  17. Morning wood

    I had every intention of taking morning wood out and play with it, but I remembered what a hand full it was.My wife and I just separated so I had know one to help me with it and the last thing I wanted is to take it out in front of a bunch of people and have it go down so I just went to work and...
  18. spent the morning with HUD !

    ended up coming home with this , i highly recommend puting your order in ! spent a couple hrs dialing in the barrell and presto , BBQ BLISS ...................... C' mon , HUD your the man ! btw, HUD, cindy's offer still stands for the fu recipe .
  19. Morning Glass. Winter sucks

    West Coast - South
    Arizona, Cold but boatable
  20. Wood Deck Schiada headed up the 5 this morning

    Beyond words. I know this post is worthless without pics so I was hoping somebody might be able to post some.