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  1. Drown you mother f*cker

    Political Rhetoric
    if only...........
  2. Mother Nature wasn't enough - now algore wants to be GOD!

    Political Rhetoric
    First, he thinks he invented the Internet hil:) hil:) hil:) then, he believes taxing the productive will cool off our planet hil:) hil:) hil:) NOW, he wants to just simply be God. Gore: Reduce African Women’s Fertility to Limit Global Warming | Heartlander Magazine
  3. Brian Terry's Mother

    Political Rhetoric
    To holder=You are a Joke and a Coward!! Her choice of words speak volumes and so much stronger than all the foul words could ever convey.Not only is he a Joke and a Coward his boss is one also.:))ThumbsDwn
  4. David "Coop" Cooper's mother passed away.

    WFL Crew
    For those of you that know Coop from Dekalb, TX, his mother past away this morning. Arrangments are pending.
  5. David "Coop" Cooper's mother passed away.

    For those of you that know Coop from Dekalb, TX, his mother past away this morning. Arrangments are pending.
  6. greatest mother in law

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    two weeks ago she asked if we could go in boat for mothers day!!!!hence it was a great day and good food !!!!TUNNEL T
  7. God Damn Mother F.........

    PB Open Water
    Son is having a sleep over, they were playing with the Wii. The kid next door just broke my 42 LCD by having the remote slip out of his little 6 yr. old hands.. FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARKKK! :)st :)st :)st :)st :)st :)st :)st :)st
  8. mother of 14..........

    PB Open Water
    The wench is babbling or going to try and justify her greed on Dateline.....:mad:
  9. Mother of eight...Opps...Make that 14!!

    PB Open Water
    And you say my taxes may go up in CA???
  10. PEBO mother in law...

    Political Rhetoric
    President Elect Barak Obama's mother in law is moving in at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. I just can't help it... Oh, we're movin on up, to the east side, deluxe appartment.... sorry
  11. THE AUDACITY ( mother%[email protected]#*$ !!!) Usurping & undermining a sitting President.

    Political Rhetoric
    ** Obama tried to sway Iraqis on Bush deal In private conversations on troop presence, candidate pitched delay ** Barbara Slavin / Washington Times Friday, October 10, 2008 EXCLUSIVE: At the same time the Bush administration was negotiating a still elusive agreement to keep the U.S. military...
  12. Mother day bash ????

    Where is the pic at putah creek boat bash ?
  13. And for mother's motor blew up!

    PB Open Water
    I will post some pictures from this Mother's Day in a later thread, but suffice to say my 540 lost oil pressure and then went Bang! 3 different people tried crawling back in the hatch to see where the oil came from, but all we could figure was that it is all over the bottom end! It sounded like...
  14. Happy Mother's Day!

    PB Open Water
    To all you Mother F'ers....... :p And to the PB Moms...... RTJas :D
  15. Mother's Day weekend?

    PB Open Water
    What a woman! What do you want for mothers day dear? I want 4 days in Havasu! Ooowell I guess so! :D Anybody else making the trip?