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  1. Miss Geico in slow motion video

    PB Open Water
  2. Cloward-Priven if full motion now

    Political Rhetoric
    Cloward–Piven strategy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Most of you are fully aware of this movement strategy from the 60's. 2 professors from you guessed it, the same college O attended also. It has been a continued movement although not as rapid as they wanted until O came into office...
  3. 35' Motion Cat in Charlotte, NC. $ 25,000

    Boats for Sale
    Open cockpit, Bravos, Marine machine steering less rams, half F-16 canopies, induction scoops, S. Fla aluminum trailer. $ 24,500 Located in Charlotte/ Lake Norman, North Carolina. Export/ Worldwide delivery available. This is a project. [email protected] Call me at 310-890-5485
  4. RESTORATION in MOTION So cal style ! ! !

    Finally started on the WOOD DECKER heres the latest Started on the wood sanding and bleaching. WE sanded some of it down to see the original paint scheme interesting to say the least. cant wait to get the deck epoxyed and spray some color!!!! Its going to be ''COOL OLD SCHOOL"
  5. Motion Set To Rename OPEN WATER To 2Forcefull's Diary

    PB Open Water
    The boards are full of ideas, so what can we come up with? We can have several subsections, including the ever popular "Look What I Bought" and some new ones like "I's Scared, Hold My Hand", and a technical section "Creations from my Sawzall" Any others? :D