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  1. Butch Thurlow Big Mouth Pop Off Valve and MPD Clamp

    Parts for Sale
    Big Mouth Pop off Valve set up for American Turbine suction housing. Includes Top Clamp for valve. Everything Hard anodized. $1000 firm.
  2. Mouth of the South

    Political Rhetoric
    This is an example of the typical black racists we in the south have to endure on a day to day basis. How about this one snoc? Can I use the "N" word now? :confused...
  3. Wondering if I should just keep my mouth shut

    PB Open Water
    My good buddy of 20 years got married about 3 years ago to what I thought was a pretty nice girl. As time has gone by and I've gotten to know her better I've come to the realization that's she's a controlling little bitch. He's totally changed because of her. In fact, he's done a total 180! He...
  4. WTB Big Mouth pop off

    Parts for Sale
    Anyone have a Big Mouth pop off they are not using and want to sell? Thanks
  5. Out of the mouth of a US Supreme Court Justice

    Political Rhetoric
    Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, "I would not look to the U.S. Constitution if I were drafting a constitution for the year 2012. I might look at the constitution of South Africa." Interesting comment coming from some one that was sworn to uphold and defend our Constitution. :)Unsure
  6. Only from the mouth of a liberal

    Political Rhetoric
    No really, you're on camera, it's OK to lie , I do it all the time. Funny live TV interview by 'Big Jim' on the London riots, brilliant - YouTube liberals are filthy lying scum:)sphss:)hand:)hand
  7. Mouth of the River -- Bird's Eye View

    PB Open Water
    On our last trip in for Desert Storm, we flew over a few key points to get a birds eye view of the water. Here is an excellent shot of mouth of the river that I took so everyone can easily see the path you should be taking. I'm not one of those PhotoShop guys to mark the red line for the right...
  8. So I opened my big mouth and maybe should have kept it shut....

    Jet Boats
    so I'll ask the question again; How much power does it take to run 8.00's. Can a Daytona, Crusader or Wildercraft run 8.00's with "just" 1,200 hp ? Sleeper CP :D
  9. Reporter needs to keep his mouth shut......

    PB Open Water
  10. Uh Oh Dems Sticking Their Foot in their Mouth Again

    Political Rhetoric
    South Carolina democratic charman Carol Fowler say's Palin's only qualification for VP is that she didn't have an abotion(:)eek(:)