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  1. [Pics] Ultra 21' takes on water only when moving - I'm stumped!

    Hey all. I have a 2002 Ultra 21' with a 496 Mag and Bravo One. I've been banging my head trying to figure out why it takes on water. At first I thought the rear vents were taking on water via the wake when I come off plane but I confirmed that is not the case today by temporarily blocking them...
  2. JOCKO’s Moving Sale (great stuff!!)

    Parts for Sale
    More misc. parts for sale. Most prices are + shipping. Please post interest on this thread AND send me a PM. Thanks! Jocko 1) Billet aluminum 3-position water valve with anodized blue bracket......................$80.00 2) Freshly polished billet angle gauge bezels. 5 ea. 2-1/8” and 2 ea...
  3. front cutless bearing keeps moving forwards

    Hi All Flat bottom 18ft race boat. The front half of the cutless bearing (i.e the bearing in the front of the prop skeg), keeps walking forward out of the skeg. Is this normal? I used a little bit of locktite when installing it - does it need a lot? does it need to be glued in? Is this...
  4. ON MY WAY!! Jocko's moving back to California!

    Moving container is picked up......hit the road today about noon, the K boat is in my rear view mirror! I am one happy f#%+*r!! Jocko
  5. moving to Oregon

    West Coast - North
    Hey everyone. Im moving from phoenix to the portland oregon area. looking for some good spots to go out. I have a blown 25 daytona eliminator. So far it looks like Lake Billy Chinook is the place to be? What else is good.
  6. Havasu moving sale-All goes,Hydro Thunder

    Other Stuff for Sale
    This house sale begins Tuesday July 2 at 7 Am to noon, 2251 Souchak Dr, LHC. Local phone 928-854-1252. In golf course area above Jamacia. Selling white bedroom set $400, chairs, dining set glass top $175, Seadoos's 196 XP RAVE engine, all original and maintined, $950, 192 GTX $700, Hensley...
  7. Over 31' 1981 HOLIDAY MANSION BARACUDA ONE OF A KIND 39 ft moving must sell

    Boats for Sale
    This boat has been totally remolded has 3/4 inch Cherry Merlot Flooring with aluminum oxide coating retails8.00 sq ft Walls and ceiling are cedar tongue and groove 2011 Norcold 4 door Propane refg Supersize retails 3k 2011 Kenmore Convetion Microwave Oven. Ret. 795 Magic chef 4burner propane...
  8. Moving sale

    Parts for Sale
    I have a few odds and ends here I'd like to sell. Trying to raise a little more gas money for the move. Hilborn 150A fuel pump $250.00 BB Ford Lenco drive adapter. $50.00 Pair, Wilwood SL2 four-piston calipers, new in box. $200.00 Custom billet alternator mount for jet boat. Mounts...
  9. Need moving ideas/suggestions/help

    PB Open Water
    Thinks in advance for any help here. I have a logistical challenge and thought I might throw it out there for anyone in the freight/trucking industry that might have some ideas. I have basically three different moving scenarios: I have a one bedroom apt. that I currently live in. I have a 40'...
  10. Eng. Parts moving sale

    Parts for Sale
    GM 427 steel crank #6223 turned 10\10 fresh from machine shop $100 gm 327 steel crank #4577 std clean it up and run $75 sold don zig mag std deck chevy new cap wires rotor $250 sold enderle bird ,80a , pills ,barrel valves , belt drive, shut off ,prime tank and oneway jet...
  11. Moving to Havasu

    West Coast - South
    I will be moving to Lake Havasu in December. Is there a local "Hot Boat" crowd there, Jets, V-drives, or even Outboards?
  12. found this wile moving

  13. [Question] Moving to Havasu - tax question

    PB Open Water
    We are moving our residence to Havasu right after Donna retires on August 31st. We'll still have the house here, but don't want to pay taxes in CA anymore, and plan to split the time between the two, gradually moving all our crap that we keep over to AZ within a year or two. Oh, and one big...
  14. XTREME1 moving back to socal

    PB Open Water
    Well its official! Extreme1 (Ryan) and his future Bride (Amy) have moved back to their homeland (Valencia)...I guess after 3 seasons of drinking patron with us have finally caught up with him(:)eek(:)... We're gonna miss you guys.. we'll miss Amy's jello shots that have caused more tops to come...
  15. Moving Sale

    Other Stuff for Sale
    Moving in a few weeks, and getting rid of a few things we won't need at our new place. Queen bed,with 2 night stands, and dresser. $600 Samsung stainless fridge, great shape. $700 Toshiba big screan TV. $100 Slate patio table, and...
  16. My little girl is moving!

    PB Open Water
    Well after almost 9 years of collage my little girl graduated with her masters in education! :partyguy: :partyguy: She has accepted a job at ASU and will be moving to AZ. soon! So all that know the area any info would be very helpful! And yes she is from LA.... Lower Arkansas!:thumb:
  17. Moving to Havasu

    PB Open Water
    Looking for a house for rent in Havasu. What's out there? thanks
  18. Moving boat to Powell

    PB Open Water
    I'm moving my boat from Havasu to Powell this spring. When I spoke to the folks at Antelope Marina, where it will be stored, they said it needs a Invasive species inspection. I checked online at the Az Game and Fish site and the procedures are pretty vague. Does anyone know what sort of...
  19. Moving to AZ, or.......

    Off the Water
    I'm going to be retiring in a few years, and the Mrs. and I want to move to someplace warm. We've had our fill of New York winters. I circle race flat bottoms, and would like to continue to do so, so I want to move closer to that action. I also enjoy playing guitar in various kinds of rock...
  20. [SOLD] Jocko's moving sale!

    Parts for Sale
    I have a few miscellaneous items to offer for sale before I move to Wisconsin. Here ya go; 1) Complete blower restraint system, includes the header bolt brackets..............................$140.00 SOLD 2) Big Block Chev tall-deck aluminum intake manifold spacers (does not include the end...