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  1. Under 30' Beautiful Blue Cat @100MPH

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    Magic Supercharged Mercury 540 EFI with 16 hours ◦ Imco SC drive with 1 hours ◦ Teague Platinum lower ◦ 817HP on dyno ◦ 91 octane ◦ 90 gal fuel ◦ Whipple charger ◦ Intercooler ◦ Full...
  2. Delta 5 mph zones.

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    So I've been mostly a Delta boater for the last three years. Mostly lakes before that. I'm noticing on the Delta that there are 5 mph zones everywhere and I'm wondering what's legit vs anybody with a dock putting their own markers out on the water or signs on their dock. Hell Lost Island still...
  3. Any Decent SE or 100 MPH class boats for sale

    My buddy and I are kicking around the idea of building an SE or 100 MPH class boat. Looking for a hull and trailer we can piece a boat together with and of course build our own engine. We aren't afraid of a hull that has been sitting for years and needs allot of work. We prefer a Biesmeyer...
  4. lowest MPH to run Q/E

    Jet Boats
    Whats the least mph any you guys run Q/E pass with ?
  5. [SOLD] 0-140 mph gaffrig speedometer

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    0-140 MPH Gaffrig Liquid Filed Mechanical Speedometer (made for Rex Marine). Recall needle is losing it's color (see first photo). $80 plus shipping. Item is located in Reading, MI.
  6. mph data collection using pressure transducers??

    Jet Boats
    I seem to remember reading you guys using quikdata were using transducers for mph data collection. Are you guys just comparing gps readings to the voltage output or is there a mph transducer that is already set up volts vs mph ???
  7. Eng. Parts Mercury marine 6.2 mph bravo ecm

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    mercury part number -ecm 0501 came off my running boat with extremely low hours around 40 just found it in my draw after looking for it for 3 years mercury charges huge $$$$$$ for these Motorola ecms 865926 just want to move I'm new to site but i have a excellent feed back on other websites...
  8. Monster GPS 140 MPH

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    Monster GPS 120 MPH 120 MPH used. like new. must get your own antenna. 95.00 352 620-8737
  9. 19' Sunkisst tunnel any issues over 100 mph? 480 lb hull

    Jet Boats
    I see some hints here on my hull on the jet boat speed question. For anyone that didn't see the other thread I bought the boat and it runs solid 85 mph. Heck jet ski's outrun that. I am building a turbo engine and want to go 110 mph. Would someone with some experience driving the 19" tunnel hull...
  10. 100 mph

    Jet Boats
    I currently have a 78 Taylor S/J, It has a 505 BBC and runs well. In the back of my mind I would like to know what type of Hull I would need (That would still have a back seat) to go 100mph with the BBC I have. Its around 600 horse. Whats the best bang for the buck?
  11. MPH to E.T. ?

    Jet Boats
    Hey guys I have sort of a hard question and wanted to see if there was an answer. My boat will do about 62mph and can get up there fairly quickly, meaning I dont need a whole lake to do it, so what do you all think itd run at the drags? My around 13 seconds?
  12. WTB......Bravo 1 prop and 100 mph life jacket

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    Looking for a 26 p bravo 1 and life jacket in xl can b reached via pm or [email protected]
  13. 1979 CVX 20 72 mph gps video

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  14. v drive wont go straight above 75 mph

    I recently purchased a 78 Hondo runner bottom,built in so cal early 80 s,drag raced bgf class,I had to replace the steering cable as someone earlier had done but they didn't have the chain centered on the steering shaft gear,since replacing the cable ive had the boat out twice and up over 70 mph...
  15. [SOLD] Ultimate Ezgo Golf Cart 45mph!

    ATV, Offroad, Dirt Bikes
    TRADE??? Lifted Ezgo Golf Cart This golf cart is 10 feet long by 4.5 feet wide. Powered by a Honda 670cc V-Twin 24hp golf cart engine. Yes it goes 45mph with the governor on. Front disc brakes. Good suspension for cruising off road. Off road lights. I have the lid too. $4200 Or Best Offer PM me...
  16. mph question

    Jet Boats
    I know there are plenty of factors that determines what the outcome could be but i was wondering if anyone could throw me a ball park figure. I've got a 17' check mate. Stock Berkeley 12jg and a 455 Olds rocket out of a 70 Olds 442. Edelbrock performer rpm quick fuel 750 carb msd ignition...
  17. 118 MPH V-Drive on Racing Junk

    I couldn't help myself. I don't normally do this but here it is. 1969 Howard V drive For Sale I could be wrong, judging from some of that beautiful hardware in the background. Geoff
  18. Quick Jets running low MPH

    Jet Boats
    Gotta say Phoenix was great. But most of all , I really enjoyed seeing some real quick jets running low MPH. DeClark running 6.05 @ 114 mph & 6.07 @112mph Starkweather running 8.02 @ 122 mph And that's barely bumping the spray to run the number. There's no telling how quick these boats would run...
  19. Skiing 124 mph!!

    These guys have some big onions for sure not to mention the guy riding backwards observing at that speed! :thumb:Top Gun - 2012 Mildura 100 Dash 4 Cash - Water Ski Racing - YouTube
  20. another craigslist ad!!! sleekcraft ambassador 70 mph

    PB Open Water
    1986 26' Sleekcraft Ambassador Cabin Cruiser