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  1. One of a kind twin tunnel American Multi Craft?

    I own a 1982 American Multi Craft 18 Ft twin-tunnel hull which I bought in 1991. The USCG sticker says it was manufactured in Monterey CA, but someone told me that American Multi Craft (MIC:AMQ) was also registered as Five Star MFG in Sacramento CA. I am wondering how unique this boat is and...
  2. 502 Multi Port Injection, TB, and manifold

    Parts for Sale
    These parts were left over from my last engine rebuild. Motor had approximately 150 hours before tear down. They were on a 502 MPI. Tear down was only to upgrade. Injection worked perfect when removed. Perfect condition. $500
  3. [SOLD] Pioneer CDJ-2000 - Professional Multi Player: $799.00

    Other Stuff for Sale
    We offer the best price at Mackzadok outlets with dinstinctive Brand new products Get the best price and fast free shipping by dealing with us with complete confidence These Products Come with their full Accessories and one(1)year International Warranty They are all Brand New Original Products...
  4. multi quote replies in one reply

    Community Help
    Help, attempting to due multiple quote replies in one reply, example below, just can't figure it out, sorry the pic is so small but you'll get idea. Thanks SteveGot it figured out, no longer need any help
  5. msd digital multi retard #8915

    Parts for Sale
    msd digital multi retard #8975 see pic will work or money back$125+ride this was only used around 6hrs of run time..has paperwork and i will stand behind it to function as new..jeff
  6. Multi screen names

    PB Open Water
    what up will all the peeps with multiple screen names? maybe admin can ban the IP of these bozo's. I do realize a couple in the same house may have one for Him and her. But all these others are getting ridiculous:)sphss
  7. Best Multi Toy/vehicle Insurance Company

    PB Open Water
    I'm sure this topic has been covered before, but in paying my bills i'm sick of dealing with three different insurance companies. My goal is to save $$$ of course, what companies out there are the best for multi vehicle? I have AAA, Farmer's, And Geico right now for Boat, sancar and...
  8. Large multi sliding glass doors, front entry as well?

    PB Open Water
    Anyone have a hook up for doors like these? I need 2. Thanks!!! Also, anyone have a hookup on large iron front entry doors like these?