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  1. Chrome oil cooler myth or correct

    GN7 On the Dyno
    I am going to purchase a new oil coller for a 650hp to 700hp whipple charged engine. I have looked at the hardin marine 3" units with the power steering included and the Eddie marine unit that is the same but chrome. Hardin Marine claims that a chrome cooler does not work as well. What do you...
  2. Bush: Myth vs Record

    Political Rhetoric
    As we end the year and likewise the term of our current President there is much discussion as to his legacy...Now I do not agree with everything Bush did....(his administration spent $$$ like a drunken sailor), however many of the perceptions are simply is one view. Interesting read...
  3. Premium fuel myth??

    PB Open Water
    How many of you use premium because you think you have to??? According to this article you really dont need to?? Deano