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  1. New member Introductions
    New to this forum. I frequent several car and boat forums so know pretty much how they work. I have an Ultra 23Shadow Deck and a 1977 19" Charger with a 96 Mercury 200XRI EFI. I've restored the Charger over the years and have now completed it with the new motor I don't want to forget my...
  2. New member Introductions
    Joe here from SoCal . I picked up a Roger bonneville TR last year and am in the process of rigging it with a good friend of mine. Just had a 496 built for it and am doing Crower stack injection on E85. I've been a river rat my whole life but this is my first serious hot rod boat .Looking forward...
  3. New member Introductions
    Just joined the PB forum and appreciate the threads that are out there. I'm rebuilding a 1075 Apollo 18' jet boat with Olds 455 and Berkley pumper. Have taken boat all the way down to just a fiberglass hull, replaced the stringers, cross bars and am finishing up all the glass work. It goes to...
  4. New member Introductions
    Hello all, thank you all for the info I have stolen by lurking on here, seen something I wanted in the for sale category so I figured I better get on board . I captain a 76 tajiti jet with a 460 BBF.
  5. New member Introductions
    Hi, My name is Jesse, I've owned my Cole TR2 hull for 2 years now whilst trying to save money and gather parts to put it back onto the water. I've lurked the forum for awhile, impressed with the knowledge on here! So I feel my registration is well overdue. This is my first boat (grown up skiing...
  6. New member Introductions
    New to this forum. I ride in a 86 Scarab 400.. Started here after hanging with the DLB!!! WAS BY FAR THE BEST BOATING DAY I HAVE HAD.. I CANT WAIT TIL THE NEXT RUN STEVE
  7. New member Introductions
    Hi Everyone! I am Matt and from Rochester NY. I've been into boating since I was little and currently have a few toys to call my own. My first is a 92 SeaRay 200 with a Merc 5.7L, have had it for quite a while. Second is a 1969 Howard that I just picked up that brought me to this site. Its...
  8. New member Introductions
    Hi everyone, my name is Michael out of Cranbury, NJ and I am a big fan of off-roading and boats. I am well experienced with off-road parts and equipment and work at tech department so I deal with some cool truck goodies everyday. Hope to gain a lot of useful information here. I'll...
  9. New member Introductions
    Yes another newbie got to start sometime. Currently live in Phoenix Az, but born and raised in SoCal. Been around boats my whole life. I have a 1976 Miller 19' bubble deck w/bbc and berkeley jet. Boat #2 1979 Kachina 18' w/bbf and berkeley jet. Boat #3 which was dad's boat 1976 Sanger picklefork...
  10. New member Introductions
    I figured since this site comes up a lot when I do google searches for answers to my questions I might as well become a member... New to owning my own boat.. Bought a 21ft Centurion sport 20 mini day cruiser jet boat and love it so far.... Been around boats all my life.. Grew up on a 25 ft bay...
  11. GN7 On the Dyno
    Sometimes we come across certain circumstances regarding parts failures that fall under the heading of "other" as far as the why...this time being user error and improper installation, and I think this one is worth sharing. It's a simple error that we've all probably made, and fortunately caught...
  12. V-Drives
    Mods...please delete. Thread deleted.
  13. New member Introductions
    Somewhat new to boating. I bought my first boat earlier this year with the intentions of restoring it, '79 Charger Offshore '24 with a 454 and Volvo-Penta 280DP. Then my fiance showed me an ad for a '88 Carrera 20.5 Eagle with a 454 and Berkeley JG. The guy just had new upholstery work done and...
  14. V-Drives
    Hey guys just signed up finally, lots of great info here. I've got a 70 Sanger 17-10 with a merc 454 with 427 heads, tunnel ram with two holleys and a vertex mag. It's got autolight 404 spark plugs in it now and I want to put new plugs. What are good plugs to use. I'm not a fan of autolights.
  15. GN7 On the Dyno
    What is the best option for a tach while running a mag? I have never used mg before, have done some research but now I am just confused. I see where the converter from AC to Dc works but not great. See where it says it best to use a mechicanal, but I can not seem to source one? I will be...
  16. PB Open Water
    Hey Guys, I'm headed to Parker at the end of this week for the first time in many years. I was hoping to get some insight on do's and dont's and may some things to look out for. What are those things that can't be missed and what should be skipped. I'm taking my jet boat and kids and heading...
  17. New member Introductions
    Figured to learn about the boats before buying one!!.... Baby steps lmao
  18. V-Drives
    Greetings from Vancouver, BC! I have been lurking on this site for some time, drooling over all of the fantastic boats and stories you have to tell about them. I don't own a v-drive yet, but am currently looking (there isn't much available here locally). My uncle used to be the Hondo dealer...
  19. New member Introductions
    Hey new here and to the boat scene. I have a question to wher i can post this. I have a 450hp sbf stroker with all the goodies, i want to put this motor into a boat but dont know wher to start, like if this possible, posible boat combinations, ect. Thanks! :)
  20. V-Drives
    Looking for someone who can refinish the bottom interior of the boat. Needs fiberglass repair and refinish to new condition. Also looking for someone who can re-paint the boat. Who is the go-to-guy for Chrysler hemi work? I live in Lodi CA.
1-20 of 95 Results