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  1. Thursday Night Football....

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    My daughter.... Airman Brianna (which many of you have met) will be representing the USAF and presenting the Flag during the National Anthem ceremonies for the NFL Thursday Night Football game between Arizona Cardinals and the Minnesota Vikings tomorrow night!!! Proud Dad! :wink2:
  2. Saturday night Special...

    Outboard Church
  3. Lost Lake Saturday night races

    Jet Boats
    What happened to the races on Saturday nights ? It was a normal deal with a lot of boats 7-8 years ago, then less and less and now it hardly happens. Where are the guys who used to show up ?
  4. Friday night freak....

    Outboard Church
    Are young chicks great, or what? ! ;)
  5. [Event] Going Fishin' Monday Night 12-2-13

    West Coast - North
    Anyone want to go?
  6. sunday night footbal

    Political Rhetoric
    Did anyone else see/hear this one? :)st I sat there and had to rewind to try and believe if I really heard it right. Why cant these things be left alone and not turned into such a political thing? Bob Costas Makes News During ‘Sunday Night Football,’ Calls ‘Redskins’ Name ‘An Insult’ - TVNewser
  7. Cancer sucks cruise night sept 5

    Oklahoma Hot Boats
    Hey guys i know this is short notice but thought some of you might want to come out. They are having it at the cancer treatment centers of america in tulsa tomorrow evening actually for the patients to be able to get envolved and see the cars. Ill be there in my grand national. I thought this...
  8. 2003 Harley Night Train sell or trade

    Other Stuff for Sale
    2003 Harley Night Train sell or trade SOLD BIKE IS SOLD, THANKS FOR LOOKING Price is $11,000 or trade for long travel sand car, boat or prerunner.
  9. Saturday Night Special

    Jet Boats
    Not a weird magnet, but a chick magnet
  10. started another project last night

    PB Open Water
    I hate fiberglass work. lol. but i needed another golf cart with character for the trailer hood. I have a spoiler but i am still in need of a set of zoomie pipes if anyone has a set that are not useable on a boat.
  11. Greetings from the Tuesday night Crew

    Oklahoma Hot Boats
    Suck eggs!
  12. Boise Last night

    Took this shot passing thru Boise last night.. RCL what is it ? :)Unsure
  13. Twas the night before Cliff-mas

    Political Rhetoric
    ’Twas the night before Cliff-mas, and all through the House Not a member was working, no ideal to espouse; Their offices closed, the members all gone, No solution for a budget plan had yet to be drawn. Our Congress had spent a year feuding again, While uncertainty and poor growth plagued...
  14. [For Sale] Race Trailer Haul your boat and stay the night and be cool

    Trailers and Trailer Parts
    <font color="beige" size="1"><small><small><small><small><small><small><small><small><small><small><small>Goose neck race hauler boat - car - toy S=t9%a6 Unspecified Black Call for Miles p$8RNot Applicable 2005 all Ym6&9H*zj2 Poor Boys Powersports...
  15. 18' Gullwing - #905 Saturday Night Special

    Boats for Sale
    18' Gullwing - "Saturday Night Special" The boat is a very proven 9.0 Second Contender at the track, and Very tough to beat at the river. 2011 NJBA 9.0 High Points Champion 2011 World Finals 9.0 Winner 2012 NJBA 9.0 High Points Runner Up 2012 NJBA Super Eliminator High Points Runner Up 2012...
  16. Running at night

    Just curious if any other v drivers/flatties have run their boats at night? I took my Hondo flatbottom out last night. There is a full moon and it is quite bright out. I used temp nag lights to be legal. The water is pristine and I had the lake to myself. I romped it quite a bit but, not...
  17. Probably did a really stupid thing last night

    PB Open Water
    Last night at about 9:30 I was in the living room watching tv w/ my wife and 10 month old. All of a sudden the dogs started barking like I've never heard before. I turned down the tv and we could here some dude yelling in the street. He was saying "please don't kill me" and "give me one more...
  18. What ever get's you through night!!

    PB Open Water
    It's all right,it's all right. Must agree Mr. Lennon.:))THumbsUp
  19. Great Thursday night entertainment...

    Political Rhetoric
    Boy, it doesn't get much better than this...... I'm not sure about Ted Turner's political ideals, (I always thought he was a bleeding heart liberal), but the TMC, (Turner Classic Movies) Channel hit one out of the park on Thursday night...On a night when most of the sheeple were watching the DNC...
  20. Late night TV tonight........

    Political Rhetoric
    You get Jay Leno with Bill Maher........ :)bit OR You get Letterman with the first WOOKIE!!! :)hammers Fucking pathetic! :no: