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  1. Political Rhetoric
    He won't do shit against North Korea or Iran...... But he's going to pick a fight with Japan? U.S. Opposes Japan's Nuclear Plan -
  2. Political Rhetoric
    GOP backer, casino mogul Adelson reportedly gave $10 M to Koch brothers' efforts | Fox News Casino mogul Sheldon Adelson has donated $10 million to the Koch brothers’ efforts to elect Republicans and oust President Obama and other Democrats -- forging perhaps the most powerful, well-financed...
  3. Political Rhetoric
    Being right next to the 405 fwy just north of LAX I've seen Marine-One fly over my house numerous times. Can't mistake the sound of those big-ass choppers flying past so close to the deck. Wonder if any of the scum on-board looked down and saw my salute...
  4. Political Rhetoric
    He said he would cut out pork hidden in budget but what does he do? Nothing! In the $410b budget there is $7b in those pet projects. One including $1m in a study to keep pig pen smells down...:|err Then Nancy Pelosi doesn't like to travel Commercial so she uses either a C32 or G5 from the Air...
  5. Political Rhetoric
    that we should contrbute to Hillary's campaign debt before she takes her new job. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Political Rhetoric
  7. PB Open Water
    That make more than $250K per year? Did this asswipe actually say that? Did he say "most" businesses are smaller than $250K per year? Therefore the tax increase won't affect "most" businesses? wtf How can you employ people if your business earns $250K per year or less? I guess it's...
  8. Political Rhetoric
    Check this out the Crap Monkey wants to give the UN .7% of our GNP as a start.. S. 2433: Global Poverty Act of 2007