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  1. Need a new boat trailer built-any builders up north?

    Just picked up a 21 Hallett SS open bow that is really nice but the trailer is totally rusted out. I contacted VM trailers but have not heard back. Any other ideas before I have to go back to socal for a trailer. thanks
  2. North Korea...... and Trump isn't fukin around!

    Political Rhetoric
    Fuk that little bastard.....sure glad Obama or Hillary isn't in charge of the button!
  3. Wally Gator says...Hello from North Texas.

    New member Introductions
    Just stopping in to say hello. Kids growing up have had me away from the boat for a couple of years. I used to be on the Hot Boat forum. Lived in So Cal all my life and just moved to North Dallas. Can't wait to get on some of the lakes around here. If you see me, stop in and say hello...
  4. North Sac river Sunday 5/18

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    We are going in at Garcia Bend and then going up thru old sac , to virgin sturgeon and then to Swabbies for some music. anybody else???? This Sunday -suppose to be hot!
  5. Who lives by Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina ?

    I want to pay someone for their time to look at a motorcycle for me. Thanks Mark 616 813 7237
  6. North Farmington Hills Area?

    Michigan Hot Boats
    Hey guys, I got a job offer just east of Wolverine Lake area. What is the surrounding area like? How has the economy been? Any help is greatly appreciated!!! Also, is there any boat guys around that area?
  7. SACRAMENTO River North

    We do a couple of runs from Orwood up to Old Town Sac and stay over night. One of my running buddies ask about going beyond the Sac area up river. I have been as far as where I-80 goes over the river. So the question is how far can one go up river safely from the Sac area and is there anything...
  8. Why Isn't the US Giving North Korea Aid?

    Political Rhetoric
    They are just as humane as the muzzies in the Middle East!!! Kim Jong Un's executed uncle was eaten alive by 120 hungry dogs: report - World News
  9. Roadtrip, "North to Alaska" goes waaaay south...

    PB Open Water
    As some of you know I was recruited to co-drive a truck and 5th wheel trailer to Alaska. My friends, Jim, who was heavily involved in the PS89 Championship run of 2008, and Barbara, my ex wife, wanted her 5th wheel in Alaska for a "once in a lifetime" vacation. She couldn't get away long enough...
  10. High Point North Carolina

    Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series - LODBRS
    I went to the High Point drags a few years ago (3 maybe?) Are they still doing this there?
  11. North out of San Angelo

    Southern Drag Boat Association - SDBA
    Any one know who that was towing a Cheyenne north on 87 out of San Angelo, white chevy cc?
  12. North West Sprint boat racing

    Races and Boating Events Come on out Its a great weekend and fantastic racing !!!
  13. Anyone going from needles show and shine to north san diego?

    Bought a ski from "Old Man on the Lake" yesterday and am looking for someone who might be able to transport it to San Diego after the show. Anyone available will be compensated for their time. thanks -Cole
  14. CFW NEW KING/CONTENDER boat heading North

    As I currently type, a new to NORCAL flat is rolling North from the South. Always nice to see a new boat, let alone one of this quality. This boat should have no problem rolling T-Bag like a cheap cig :happy: and then finishn the day with El Diablo, I mean Preacher.
  15. Lakes North of Truckee?

    Is there anyone who lives north of truckee or visits up that way? Just wanting to know if there are any lakes that are Hot Boat friendly?
  16. North Korea Gots a missile

    Political Rhetoric
    North Korea says its rockets can hit U.S. mainland | Reuters Long Duck Dong Ill - "You give us monies or we shoot missile at you" Guess the Donger forgot about this: US destroy spy satellite with missile. Best Quality - YouTube
  17. [Video] North Texas Hot Boats (video)

    Oklahoma Hot Boats
    Hey's a short video of how the North Texas jet boat fellers role on a Thursday night. Rockwall Harbor Concert July 26 2012 - YouTube
  18. Rev comes home from the great white north ....

    Outboard Church
    It was epic...:)devil I wanted my tunnel bad !!! :)Violin
  19. Boat service in north OC.

    PB Open Water
    Any recommendations on a great boat mechanic in north Orange County? I live in Cypress and need to service my boat. 2007 Ultra 21' Stealth w/ 496mag and bravo 1 drive.
  20. anyone heading north from norco area

    so my biesemeyer is finally finished and ready to come home, after a year and a half. im so ready to start the rigging processed. i live in oroville just south of chico (20 miles) and hour north of sac. and was wondering if some one was heading this way or passing by.