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  1. Races and Boating Events
    Marathon Ski Races this weekend (April 4th and 5th) in Pittsburg, CA through New York Slough. Racing on Both Saturday and Sunday. Boat Warmups around 9 am, then the mini marathon, women's marathon and men's marathon to follow. Racing should go through till 2 pm or so. This is part of the...
  2. Outboards
    saw this boat up for sale - check out the classifieds in the site. The boat is really clean. And here's one of my favorite shots:
  3. V-Drives
    Hi All - the Region 1 Club circle races were held this weekend up in Lakeport. I made the trip up from San Francisco to test out my new camera. There was some great racing action, particularly in the nastalgia flat bottom class pulling skiers. It was awesome seeing to see the side by side...
  4. V-Drives
    Anyone available to tow at Pittsburg this weekend for the mini-marathon? I'll cover gas and entry for the team, along with helping with all the cleanup - I'm looking for a pull. I haven't had a chance to x-ray my rudder yet and still working out a few final bugs on my boat, so was hoping to...
1-4 of 4 Results