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  1. Oklahoma Hot Boats
    Spring Fling will be at Okmulgee Lake May 17, 2014, noon till ya drop! Food will be served BASH Weekend - August 1,2,3, 2014 I am still working on this event, hoping to be up front this year! Club Meetings - March 14 and April 11 to finalize plans for Spring Fling, Bash and discuss any other...
  2. Oklahoma Hot Boats
    Meetings will be held the FIRST Friday of each month, March 1, 2013 at Barbara Wright's 7:00 pm. May 18, 2013 will be the Spring Fling, we will meet at the front of the lake at noon. The club will provide lunch at 2:00 Membership dues will be taken from May 18 thru Bash. Boat Bash is August...
  3. Oklahoma Hot Boats
    The first OHBA meeting will be held at Barbara Wright's house on February 5, 2013 at 7:00 pm. Club meetings will remain the first Tuesday of every month. Discussion will be this year's plans for spring fling cook-out and possible test and tune event at Okmulgee Lake. Would like to schedule Boat...
  4. WFL Crew
  5. Oklahoma Hot Boats
    I would be interested in the OHBA 2013 Schedule and membership information.
  6. Oklahoma Hot Boats
    I have a few pics I'll be posting. Some Serena took , some TNYoungblood took, and I "borrowed" lol here they are enjoy! Kevin is putting me in RFC Chaplains are awesome! Check out the hat! Fender Racing On the rope watchin the tree
  7. Oklahoma Hot Boats
    3/6/12 OHBA meeting @ 7pm Okmulgee VFW 4/3/12 OHBA meeting @ 7pm @ Barbara Wrights house. Call for Directions 5/2/12 OHBA meeting @ 7pm May meeting will be held 5/5/12 at the cookout. 5/5/12 OHBA Ice Breaker spring Cook out @ Okmulgee Lake 5/19/12 Meeker Hot Boat Regatta (Meeker lake...
  8. Oklahoma Hot Boats
    Looks like I will hold the clubs first meeting at the VFW Post on north Okmulgee st. here on 2-7-12 Tuesday night around 7-730 ish for some thoughts on this years plans? Its warm and they sell cold beer,and some of the Tulsa folks might attend. :happy: shout out if you need directions,turn...
  9. Oklahoma Hot Boats
    Ok guys, at the Sept meeting we decided to move the officer election to Nov 5th. This will take place at Robert Howe's home. He lives between the Okmulgee lake and Dripping Springs lake. Robert is going to cook for everyone and there will be a bonfire. If you have eaten Roberts cookin before...
  10. Oklahoma Hot Boats
    Who is gonna run for election ?? I think Jeff Sucks for not doin it again !! He did such a good job !! Come on dude suck it up & do it again !! If not he will have to be the full time hydration Prez. on our hack of a race team.:|err
  11. Oklahoma Hot Boats
    Ok guys, I dont have all the info yet but here's what I do have. When: August 6th Where: Okmulgee State Park If you have been there before then you pretty much know the deal. But for those who dont. Annually the OHBA has a giant party for all performance boaters in the area, Saturday we are...
  12. Oklahoma Hot Boats
    Hello Citizens: May 7th will be the OHBA official Summer Blast Off Party @ Okmulgee lake in the front area. Like last year the club will provide the grub. We had a great turn out last year and expect it to be even bigger this year. We plan on starting it off about noon, and eating around...
1-12 of 12 Results