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  1. Parts for Sale
    Sold - Oil Cooler Engine Oil Cooler with Stringer Mount. Came out of V-Drive Race Boat with BBC. Nice Billet work. MFG Unknown. Quality Oil Cooler with fittings for oil and cooling water lines. Dimensions 8 1/2 " X 6"(Including Stringer Mount Bracket). $100 OBO. Call or Text Gary 562-624-7421
  2. Parts for Sale
    Dooley oil pan with pump and pick up 200.00 plus the ride. Sale pending Scoop 50.00 plus the ride Sale pending Joe 707-689-4227 text I good
  3. Parts for Sale
    Nice carbon fiber inlet bells, fits 4-5 inch diameter- $ 175 New psi DR 1224 dual valve springs- $ 165----SOLD New Arp head studs for brodix aluminum block with dart heads-$150-SOLD 6811 autometer memory used 5 inch tack-$150-Sold aluminum bbc flywheel internal balanced-$85 mercruiser steel...
  4. Parts for Sale
    Wtb Going old school looking Chrysler 440 v drive oil pan
  5. Parts for Sale
    New Moroso wet sump oil pan for an external oil pump. Fits the donovan bbc block. New rebuilt external weaver single stage oil pump for this pan. oil pan- $895 oil pump-$475 shreveport, louisiana 318-687-9088 or 318-470-1482
  6. V-Drives
    Lucas just announced no more boat racing. Who is gonna step up and buy everything. Tommy Thompson? Monster energy? Rockstar energy? Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series - Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series To Be Discontinued
  7. Parts for Sale
    This is a Diamond Performance high performance oil cooler rated for engines over 2000 hp and everything below that ! it is a high capacity cooler with all the an fittings included and mounting brackets in blue powder coating finish, part # SK1366-1G its 22" long and 3" in diameter and is about...
  8. V-Drives
    Casale 12 deg I had my V-drive rebuild last year and replaced all the gaskets and sealed everything up, now it seams to spit out gear oil out of the vent above the top bearing. I am running water through it from bottom of hull through to shaft log. The oil doesn't look like any water is getting...
  9. Parts for Sale
    Looking for the Jet Boat Dooley kit with windage tray, studs, pick up..... Text me pics at 586-256-5109 Thanks Len
  10. Michigan Hot Boats
    Wondering if anyone in SE Michigan has a rear engine mount for BBF? I need the 4 point style. It's going in a Spectra 20 with a berkeley jet. Also looking for a rear sump 460 jet pan.
  11. Jet Boats
    Hey jet boaters, my Brother in law's 21 silhouette deck, 454, mild build pump gas motor seemed as though he was losing oil pressure, as it came up to operating temp at cruising RPM of around 3500 he would get approx 10 to 20 psi oil pressure which is pretty low, when at idle pressure would come...
  12. Parts for Sale
    Dan Olsen 12 Qt BBC Oil Pan. Excellent Condition. Located in Massachusetts. - $700 Please call or text Jack at 978-400-6235
  13. Parts for Sale
    Dan Olsen 12 Qt Oil Pan. Excellent condition. Was in a Merathon boat run off the rear. Has a small cut out on the engine front to clear a strut. Located in Massachusetts. - $700 Please call or text Jack at 978-400-6235
  14. Parts for Sale
    8-10 qt jet boat pan BBC GenV-VI
  15. V-Drives
    Hey folks, I'm starting to gather parts for my BBC mk 4 build now that machine works done and heads are being finished. So oil pans, who recommends what Armondos, Stefs, Dooley, etc and why. Just wondering about any quality issues I should look for cause theyre all kinda spendy, no bashing...
  16. Parts for Sale
    Looking for an oil pan for bbc gen 4 block Vdrive setup. Anyone got a nice pan laying around?
  17. Parts for Sale
    Looking for a pan for a BBC Gen4 , 454 ,2 piece rear main, jet boat ,Thanks.
  18. Parts for Sale
    Nice V-drive pan fresh from chrome shop...for sale or trade for 14qt jet/circle boat pan. no windage tray or pickup. $300.00 plus ride
  19. Parts for Sale
    April 29, 2018 Hello People Have a Olsen BBC oil cooler for sale $320 Mount where the oil filter will go. :)Unsure Willis [email protected]
  20. Parts for Sale
    under sen dure see picks there :bangmyhead:
21-40 of 491 Results