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  1. Parts for Sale
    I'm selling my Olson carb scoop, 100$ obo, I dont have anything with carbs so it's for sale, might be at parker this weekend, I can bring it with me, located in orange county.
  2. Parts for Sale
    So hard for me to give up this! Run only as my spare dependable mag! Only now I realize it will just sit on it's shelf and not be needed or used anymore! So pass it on and share ! Love the fact it clears blowers but Superchargers won't be in my future ever! Perhaps turbos instead! You can...
  3. Parts for Sale
    I bought this cooler to go with an engine I built, but the shop installing the engine was not able to install it in the boat for some reason. Brackets have not been drilled, no fluids have been run through it. Located in Parker, AZ $650
  4. Parts for Sale
    Very good condition needs polished very rare scoop asking 150.00 obo
  5. Parts for Sale
    (Wanted) BBC Dan Olson Oil Cooler and Zoomies I'm looking for a good Dan Olson oil cooler Model 201 block mounted for a Gen IV BBC. Please PM me or post what you. Thanks in Advance!
  6. Parts for Sale
    I have 2 wings for a flat bottom. One old style straight up and down and one laid back TAF style (purple end plates) The old school wing has all mounting hardware to mount to rail kit and into heads. Other wing will need mounts fabbed for rail kit or howerever you choose to mount. Both in...
  7. Parts for Sale
    Just pulled it off the motor(BBC) today and ran it last at Andy's CFW deal on my Bezer. No leaks, works as designed and polishes up nicely. $275 plus shipping.
  8. Parts for Sale
  9. Parts for Sale
    Dan Olson laid back zoomies, 2 1/4 diameter pipe, $400. Overall condition is above average (7-8). Send a pm if more detailed photo's are needed and I will e-mail.
  10. V-Drives
    OK .... what am I missing? I found that K&N makes a Chevy oil filter with a By-Pass valve built into the filter. HP 3002. Only problem is that it will not thread more that one turn onto a Dan Olson oil cooler. I tried other DO Oil Coolers that I have, same thing. Other filters will, like Wix...
  11. Parts for Sale
    Hi everyone Selling a Dan Olson Oil cooler model 401 for a Chevy. The fuel filter is attached with mounts. This setup has never been used, looks brand new. $400 OBO
  12. GN7 On the Dyno
    Can anyone comment on experience with Dan Olson BBC block mounted oil cooler? I have one I was planning on using for a new build. I see a large number of them for sale, so I'm wondering if there is any issues with them other than making sure there real clean? Leak prone?
  13. Parts for Sale
    I have a Dan Olson #201 oil cooler for a big chevy. $250 plus shipping from portland oregon
  14. Parts for Sale
    This is a Pro Mod Style Wing from Dan Olson - Measures 52" length and 18" wide. It includes the main crossed brace and 2 strut braces with heim joint connectors. It is polished aluminum and has purple side plates. $825.00
  15. Parts for Sale
    This thing is so cool, its just got that old school look. I love it, but its for a carb, and I don't see ever using one on anything, so its for sale. Not sure what these go for, and don't even remember when, where or how much I got it for. So $100 OBO?? I'll ship too if needed. I'm in Chico, Ca...
  16. Parts for Sale
    I have seen the square type scoop for single dominator, But I am looking for the opening that is round/oval. If you have one let me know what you want for it. thank you. (805) 478-3109
  17. Parts for Sale
    Olson Oil Cooler for Sale $225 > SOLD ! Bought a Olson cooler for my 555 but it will not mount up as my tunnel on hull is too narrow , core is in great shape and I just had re-Sealed with Olson kit . Has AN fittings also and all mounting bolts . One fitting on water side end cap had iffy...
  18. Parts for Sale
    Dan Olson Oil Cooler, Model 201 ,engine mount, for BB Chevy 250.00 760-484-2881
  19. Parts for Sale
    I have a Dan Olson (P/N WS427AK) 13 quart aluminum oil pan for sale. It fits BBC Mark 4 blocks as well as Dart Big M blocks. The pan retails new for $840.00. Included with the pan is a near new (2 hrs run time) H/V oil pump ($110) with welded pickup, and a 120V oil pan heater. Summit sells those...
1-20 of 62 Results