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  1. Where is the outrage?

    Political Rhetoric
    14 YO Black slashes throat of a 24 YO White girl. By the silence of these people, they must think this is Ok. Sharpton MIA Jackson MIA Obama MIA MSNBC MIA CNN MIA The rest of the race baiters. MIA.
  2. Where is the outrage from the left?

    Political Rhetoric
    $11,000/hr is what it cost to deliver Bo to Martha's Vineyard. How about it, you brain dead libtards? If this had been Bush, we'd still be hearing about it of months, possibly years! :)sphss Bo - Obama's 'First Dog' - flies to Martha's Vineyard on Osprey MV-22 - National Conservative |
  3. The lastest corporate outrage!

    Political Rhetoric
    This story is about paying for stuff with your phone. iPhone Users Are About to Be Screwed Over | John C. Dvorak | Interesting wanring in there about letting the phone co. get control of your finances. Thoughts?
  4. THIS IS OUTRAGE ! - Selective Governing via Tax Gun

    PB Open Water
    This means they'll come after YOU because you have boat, gun, motocycle or second home.. what ever it is its selective. This will go to court and you will see the government will lose and if they don't... BE VERY SCARED ! - All of this was put into the bill THEY Signed before THEY didnt read...