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  1. Hell hits Hugo 660' call outs!

    Oklahoma Hot Boats
    1) Bodean's Hammer vs. Jimsplace 2) Piston in the Wind vs. Trigger 3) ?
  2. Newspaper outs Gun owners , then hires armed guards ...

    Political Rhetoric
    Rather Ironic Huh :rolleyes:??
  3. BBC take outs

    Parts for Sale
    I have "Take out" 2 Running BBCs , one rebuilt 454 by us 4 seasons back has approx 10 hrs $2700 , second unknown internals but starts runs and has good oil pressure $2000 ,both are complete from intake to pan both have 10 qt pans PM or call for details Tom
  4. Bail Outs

    PB Open Water
    I know most of us are outraged by the Govt Bail Outs. What would be a better solution, besides standing by and letting both the financial institutions and the automakers fall? Would we be better off providing $2T in personal welfare instead of corperate welfare? Would that really work? We...
  5. Tell me the ins and outs of Lake Shasta

    PB Open Water
    I am wondering about the poker run up there in a month. It will be a long pull for me but I am still it worth it?? Erik
  6. West Virginia Spin Outs

    PB Open Water
    You guy really need some help down there figuring out how to put some salt or sand out on the roads. :D The camera person had a field day, and was there all day. Anyone recognize the bridge? ;) PennDOT isn't much better, but I don't have video of it. Spin Outs