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  1. Here's Your Shovel Ready Green Jobs - Overseas!!!

    Political Rhetoric
    Seems like Obama has offshored more jobs than Bain Capital ever had!!! Unfortunately his idead of spreading our wealth meant to overseas as well. $4B to overseas companies!! House report: 2009 stimulus program sent $4B to foreign green energy companies |
  2. Overseas Donations? Hmmm..

    Political Rhetoric
    Obama Raises $150M in September, Tries to Block 'Blockbuster' Donor Scandal by Tony Lee4 Oct 2012President Barack Obama’s campaign raised more than $150 million in September, which was a record haul for the 2012 cycle, but the campaign may be actively trying to block a story in the works about...
  3. Oil Rig? Overseas Contract?

    WFL Crew
    I want to work on an Oil Rig, or take a contract job overseas. Does anybody know how/where to get your foot in the door? Let's not get on the "you could kill yourself" debate please... I could die in my jet boat, or going to work in the morning on I-30.
  4. Overseas Contractor Jobs

    Off the Water
    I'd like to get an overseas contract job. What is the best way to go about this?
  5. Tax Break For Bringing Jobs Back From Overseas

    Political Rhetoric
    I would like to see the righties explain why giving tax breaks to companies that bring jobs back to the US is a bad idea. If the righties think it is a good idea, then they will surely appalud President Obama for trying to do just that...
  6. Selling parts to overseas buyers

    Parts for Sale
    Just thought I would post up how easy I just completed (easier than some locals) a sale to a fellow hot boater Grayson down under in Australia. At first I thought the deal would be a PIA, but I love Aussies (I lived there in the 70's racing speedway bikes) and this guy really wanted this memory...
  7. Overseas mfg., another POV

    PB Open Water
    I grew up in Detroit and certainly have a bias for good 'ol made in the USA. However, I moved about 20 years ago and now work in an industry that manufactures almost exclusively overseas, and for good reason, survival. Just want to point out the USA products I see when I travel frequently. 1...
  8. American parts made overseas

    Jet Boats
    "Made In" countries!! 1-Eaton Valves - China 2-King Bearings - Israel 3-Sealed Power Valves - South Africa 4-Mahle Pistons - Mexico / China 5-Callies Cranks - Japan / China 6-Eagle - China 7-Scat - China 8-K-B Pistons - Mexico 9-Speed-Pro Racing Valves - Brazil 10-Ferreas Valves - Argentina...
  9. Anybody ever buy a car from overseas?

    PB Open Water
    There is a car that I am looking at and it belongs to a serviceman, but the problem is that he and the car are stationed in England. He wants to sell his car, and wants to use a third party escrow account to handle the transaction. I have to deposit half of the money with the third party ecsrow...
  10. WHOO HOO! Overseas Job Offer!

    PB Open Water
    Got this email today. I've been offered a job in the UK. I'll get an apartment, a car and salary of over 90 thou a year (at the current conversion rate). Do you think I should take it? ;)