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  1. Parts for Sale
    carbs were tuned on an 8-71 blower set up for recreational boat and ran well. Been sitting for a couple years. May or may not need freshening up. $500 for both. In shreveport,louisiana 318-470-1482
  2. Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    :secret: I been hearin rumors that there might be somethin goin on next weekend, Heard anything Buddie:)Unsure
  3. Parts for Sale
    Just came in this week. The 400's are on a 14 week backorder. If you need a pair now, here they are! Customer ordered these three months ago but has since sold the Skater they were to go on. These are 20" RH and LH motors with sportmasters and tiebar wingplates. Still in the shipping crates...
  4. Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Hey guys I was just wondering since the three of us are probabaly planning to give MEAN PAIR the same gifts that we gave him last year, what say we all chipin and give him the supersize version this year:stir:
  5. Parts for Sale
    I have a race team in the UK running a Hunton 40 in our 'Marathon' series of racing. I am changing to diesel power(much more popular in Europe than the USA) As a result I have two un-used V8 petrol engines for sale. They are 572 cubic inch(9.4litre)big block Chevy and supercharged. Just been...
  6. Parts for Sale
    Seats out of the TR-4 I'm freshening up. Seats are in excellent shape. 19" wide, 17" tall with snap in covers. The yellow thing you see between the seats is a pouch for stuff. Could be removed pretty easily if you don't want it. Price is less than shells cost new. $250+shipping for the pair...
  7. Parts for Sale
    This is a pair of Hardin Marine 3-1/2" exhaust silencers. They appear to be new. They are 3-1/2" outside diameter so they will take a 3-1/2" inside diameter hose. They measure 11-3/8" overall length and the center silencer body is 4" outside diameter. They sell for $120 new each, I'm asking...
  8. Parts for Sale
    Fresh, just rebuilt. Need smaller carbs. Can text or email pics. $600 each or $1k for the pair.
  9. PB Open Water
    I installed a brand new pair of Shotguns on my Talon this week and went out for 1hr today. When I was washing her I noticed both Shotguns are destroyed. The shine is stained/corroded beyond imagination. My tailpipes are still perfect. Boat was in salt water for 1 hr, engine is 588cu that is open...
  10. Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    I hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy your 59th birthday :rolleyes::rolleyes:
  11. Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Weather looks like it's gonna be pretty nice this coming Saturday Nov 12. Our boat is on the lift at Dale's house in Discovery Bay so we will be taking off from there. Absolutely no plans with a destination or time but know we will be on the water by 10am since it gets dark so early now. Hope...
  12. Parts for Sale
    I am selling a pair of 454, 420hp. One was rebuilt this year the other two years ago. they also have imco exhaust. Looking to 8000 for the pair .
  13. Parts for Sale
    2 1050 Dominators. List 9375. 2 circuit air bleed. Built by Performance Carb. -6 an male inlets. Spares I had for a 555 blown engine I sold. Nice shape no damage or stripped holes. $850 obo plus shipping Please call or text Jason 661-313-2085
  14. Parts for Sale
    Pinch seats circle boat $400 pair sorry it was suppose to be 450 pair i hit 350 and cant change the title listing so i will do 400 1 IS REALLY GOOD THE OTHER HAS 2 1" SLITS IN THE BACK THAT CAN B GLUED..I PROBABLY WILL HAVE THEM FIXED BY THE TIME THEY SELL...... NICE SET JUST DIRTY IN PIC...
  15. Parts for Sale
    i just bought these on here for $350 pair + i had to go get them not gonna use them after all..i like my older jackets more comfy.... very nice condition........1 -xl and 1- med his and hers or kid.........will not seperate....$400 local pick up $450 shipped there on craigslist for $500 pair...
  16. Propellers
    Mazco RE3 30P Pair (R&L) Merc small shaft props. I got this set from a guy with twins that ran them a couple of times and changed pitch after running them. I have never ran the left and only tried the right one time. I changed directions and never did twins, so I don't need the props. Props are...
  17. Boats for Sale
    Shockwave TFH Pictures pretty much tell the story I think...every part is visible except Schroeder Steering box under deck. Boat is a 1974 factory Hondo race boat that was driven by the late Gary Gabelich during the 1975 NDBA season.Boat is currently at Tracer Marine where floors and stringers...
  18. Parts for Sale
    I am selling 3 pairs of rec port, closed chamber, bbc heads. They are all matched pairs, 2 of them are 291's and 1 are 840's. The 840's are fresh from the machine shop with 2.25 valves, both pair of 291's have low hours, 1 is stock, 1 has 2.30 valves. Again these are all matched date codes pairs...
  19. Parts for Sale
    Looking for a pair of gentry waste gate actuators [email protected] or 909-2402800
  20. Parts for Sale
    Im looking for a standard deck profiler, dart, or edelbrock tunnel ram and a pair of 1050 dominators. thanks for the help. Also looking for v drive oil pan Dave 909-821-2808
1-20 of 93 Results