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  1. Not balsa core, a honeycomb paper?

    Jet Boats
    My jet boat provided many years of great service, but I could tell the boat was not as stiff as she should be. Now was the time to replace the stringers. But, in pulling up the floor, the inner hull laminate felt like the core was rotten, so I cut a hole to see how rotten. Found what looks...
  2. So you own paper gold

    Political Rhetoric
    There have been threads on this topic before about having "certificates, futures, bonds," whatever on gold. Many of you simply don't seem to get the message that paper can be as worthless as the ink on the paper and the stroke of a pen by the POTUS. You gold can be their gold faster than the ink...
  3. Las Vegas Paper Headline

    Political Rhetoric
    Obama volunteers await further orders,:shock: What is he a Messiah,God,The Leader? :hmmm: OMG what has my Country become?:))ThumbsDwn
  4. Why is this not national headlines on every tv news channel and paper?

    Political Rhetoric
    Oh yeah, forgot the libby's control the news outlets...pretty funny though not one of them in the Senate supports O's plan. They won't even take a vote on it...what a joke... Reid blocks Senate vote on Obama's deficit-reduction plan - The Hill's Video
  5. Brentwood Boat Show in local paper!

    Races and Boating Events
    HEY... for all you guys who had a boat in the 1st Annual Downtown Brentwood Boat Show on August 2nd, I happened upon the little local news paper and it had a complete story about the show and pictures of some of the boats. A couple of you were mentioned in the story either directly or by your...
  6. LMAO, i made the local paper...

    Jet Boats
    I recently moved, only been here for about 6 months. This week a buddy had his boat over and we were doing a little bit of fiberglass work on it. He was dressed in a automotive mechanics type suit. A cop shows up at my house looking confused. He see's the boat so he knows he must be in the...
  7. 1500-2000 grit sand paper, where to get it?

    PB Open Water
    i live in La Mirada/whittier area. where do i go to get some 1500-2000 grit sand paper??? lowes or home depot carry this stuff?
  8. buried on page 105 of the paper

    PB Open Water
    was an article about about the audit of californias budget. The state outspends it's revenue growth. Duh The states spending increased by 8.2% with biggest increases in education and prisons I can't post the link now
  9. I made page two in the news paper

    PB Open Water
    and it was not for any thing illegal they did a write up on some local car builders and the artical came out great had two calls on it yesterday i cant find it on line
  10. Printed News Paper

    PB Open Water
    With all the free and/or subscriptions online news how many of you still get the daily print paper delivered?