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  1. PB Open Water
    Rest in Peace Ken Myers B&K Boats its with a very sad heart that I start this post as we lost a great man this morning. To so many people Kenny was a great friend and even though he was an only child he was an Uncle to dozens of us and of course to a very special group he was Dad and...
  2. Political Rhetoric
    Who else is watching? over 100 dead, 3-6 seperate orchestrated attacks. Perps yelling Ali Akbar and "this is for Syria" while executing concert goers. One in custody says he is Syrian and it is an ISIS attack. The muslim at 1600 Pennsylvania says he can't speculate on who or why on the...
  3. Political Rhetoric
    And to answer the tools question he posed in a prior post of whether I have been around muzzies. Sure have. In Tulsa, OK at Spartan School of Aeronautics. There were many muzzies in attendance at the school. They were rude, and would give you a "go to hell" look if you said anything to them. I...
  4. Political Rhetoric
    Why don't you go live with them, ram? :)hand
  5. Political Rhetoric
    This Is the Pregnant Woman Sudan Wants to Hang for Marrying a Christian - ABC News 100 lashes and to be hanged for marrying a Christian. Sounds about right. :no:
  6. Parts for Sale
    For sale, 40% off. $300, Black and purple trim with breathers, gaskets and O-rings. [email protected]
  7. Political Rhetoric
    It IS It IS it IS!!!!!!! Muslim peace conference ; all muslims agree, stoning is OK, Norway (Join "EDL Videos" on facebook) - YouTube You people here are nothing but RACISTS!:)sphss
  8. Political Rhetoric
    Kenya Red Cross: 22 dead in upscale mall attack
  9. PB Open Water
    He tweeted about two hours ago HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY NOW IM FIRING UP THE BBQ and to think this dumb as has a college degree and gets paid millions This is why I don't why sports
  10. Political Rhetoric
    North Korea is calling for a peace treaty with the US. I think it would be a good move on our part which would allow us to remove our troops from South Korea. North Korea demands peace treaty with US - Yahoo! News
  11. Political Rhetoric
    If this "Land for Peace" is so important and the Arabs want so badly for the Palestinians to have a homeland why doesn't Egypt give up a section of the Sanai? Afterall that land was handed back to them after they got their asses kicked by the Israelies. That land is nothing more than a gift...
  12. V-Drives
    I can see the month of April isn't going to be a good one with the news of Dennis Johnson earlier today and now this. I'm sure all the long time ski racers knew these guys. I didn't know Mike, but Ronnie was one of the greatest guys you'd ever want to meet and a top driver on the NWSRA circuit...
  13. V-Drives
    Dale Lansberry, boat racer & owner of the meticulously restored "Shockwave" Super Stock and Chief Surveyor of the Salton Sea Speedweek passed away last Wednesday after a brief battle with Cancer. Dale was a boat racer first and his love for the sport was evident. I had the priviledge of...
  14. V-Drives
    Terry Passed Away This Morning. He Was The Driver That The Jerk Ask For All Your Prayers. We Will Miss You Terry. Great Friend And Racer. I Will Continue To Pray For His Family. I Know That Terry Is With The Lord. this is a picture of terry at a race this year
  15. Jet Boats