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  1. Hey, all you peeps that can't log in!

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    I may have found some help for you, not that kind, if you still can't get thru the robot and get a new password, please read below and DO IT Don't whine about it, do something about it. :thumb: Thank-you Performance Boats. Hey Steve, I'll need more info to look into this. What specifically...
  2. Psa: For the north/western delta area peeps

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    About the Rio Vista Bridge Preservation Project DESCRIPTION The $37.1 million project includes cleaning and painting the drawbridge on State Highway 12 over the Sacramento River in Rio Vista. This work is scheduled to take three years. All work will be performed under traffic control and...
  3. For the older, I mean mature peeps in the group

    PB Open Water
  4. spectra 20 floors need advise jet peeps

    Jet Boats
    well today i cleaned out the old 77 spectra 20 jet and found floor seemed soft after further inspection the 1/4 stringers are good but the plywood connecting them is bad and the floor has rotted. my question is. the boat had only plywood as wide as stringers up to the bow. should i widen the...
  5. Help Me ID These MONSTER BASH Costume Party Peeps!

    PB Open Water
    Any idea who these folks are?
  6. another question for the a/c peeps

    PB Open Water
    So my place at the lake (mobil home) has a split system. A/c condenser on ground and 3 feet away (in raised closet on the mobile itself) is the furnace and blower.. My A/C doesn't work, and I just want to replace the unit (whole thing is nearly 30 years old).. So now i'm thinking my...
  7. Trivia for the old school peeps

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Trivia, Can anyone ID this...
  8. More peeps on the government cheese

    Political Rhetoric
    Census: 49% of Americans Get Gov The cheese handouts are growing each and everyday. All hell is going to break loose when there is no more cheese on the plate. My money is going towards guns, ammo and MRE's.
  9. To one of my favorite PB peeps

    PB Open Water
    As promised... I played a special song as I put her back together... Ain't she purrrrrrrdy, I've been waiting so long... :))THumbsUp:))THumbsUp:))THumbsUp 100% Armalite...
  10. The Union Peeps

    PB Open Water
    Well, it appears they accomplished their demands.Although hurt innocent merchants and employees. Good Job. NOT:))ThumbsDwn
  11. Took some vegas peeps to havasu

    PB Open Water
    Put in at winsor...
  12. Paging Scottsdale / Chandler Peeps

    PB Open Water
    What the hell is there to do in the area? I'm flying out there in a few weeks and need some suggestions on where to go out. Nice places to eat (No seafood), comedy clubs or??
  13. RDP peeps better than you here at PB's

    Gray Water Storage
    What's the story, I don't get it, why do some of these guys think that they are superior to the peeps here at PB's
  14. San Carlos peeps?????????

    PB Open Water
    Anyone in the San Carlos area or have friends??? My girlfriends husband got hit by a guy in a car when they got out to exchange info another guy who was part of it jumped him. They beat the crap out of him and then left. It was a total set up. I know these bad ass bullies talk and just tying...
  15. tucson peeps

    West Coast - South
    As I stated at Eddies gig. Bbq at my house this sunday afternoon. 12ish. Ill provide food. Byob. Pool party. Horseshoes beerpong. Pm me for directions or text. 5204299528. See ya there. Any and all are welcome. Do some bench racing as well.
  16. got some stereo stuff for sale if any peeps are interested

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
  17. Wassup my fellow EASTSIDE Peeps!!!!

    West Coast - South
    Whats good with all my EASTSIDE peeps???? I see that we have a bunch of awesome new guys that are with the crew now. THis is fricking awesome being that this all started with me(Spitter), Ern (Big Perm), Ty(Fo Sitty), Jimmy(Cave), Randy, Jonathan, and Vinny(VinDog). We got this crew together...
  18. Blythe Peeps

    West Coast - South
    Where do you stay? Where do you hang out on the water? McIntyre here. Usually on one of the beaches just below Goose Flats.
  19. Phoenix Area Peeps - Hotel Info

    PB Open Water
    Tell me all the fun/fancy places to stay in the Scottsdale area. Hubby is looking to go to The Boulders, but I think we missed the boat on that a few years back as I have heard a lot of complaints about the rooms being a bit outdated and rundown. Any other hotels we should check out? It's for...
  20. Where are my New England peeps?

    East Coast - North
    I am so damned close I can taste it! to do list: wire up the distributor find my front drivers side light tighten the starter nut hook up and wire the new bilge pump drain run some new vacuum lines set the dizzy and fire Some things not working so far... horn fuel pump for the...