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  1. A personal note to the dlb

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
  2. Personal Office Space ?

    Other Stuff for Sale
    Just an idea. If you are or were an individual just hunting for a simple office to work in (not something to impress customers with, just work space, clean but not fancy), what would you think a fair price for say a 10 x 15 office in San Dimas area? Would $400 mo. be within the rhelm of...
  3. Personal watercraft final San Diego Bayfair

    Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series - LODBRS
    Finas PWCl Race for the Lucas Oil Drags | Facebook Had a great weekend racing even though the ski had a blown head gasket and the speed was way down. Thank you Lucas for putting on a great event
  4. D C B 31 Wide Body Up Close & Personal

    PB Open Water
    A close look at the DCB 31 on VIDEO: DCB 31 WIDE BODY VIDEO CLICK HERE ... ENJOY! :)
  5. Personal Watercraft- I own one or I cant stand them

    PB Open Water
    We have rented a couple over the years but they are just too dangerous for most people to use on any weekend. Your opinions?
  6. Personal Protection

    West Coast - South
    The family was anchored back in a small and narrow cove on Mohave and were all floating and having fun in the water. We watched as a boat entered the cove and slowly started heading our way, not a problem and we didn't even think twice of it. When they got within 20 yards they shut of their...
  7. [Question] Lucas Oil to exclude Personal watercraft from San diego Bay fair?

    Races and Boating Events
    Really? Anyone want to help me out on this one? Its in my owm backyard and I cant race?:mad: Thank You
  8. Personal trainer

    Political Rhetoric
    I would like to know why i have to pay for a personal trainer to be flown to the white house every week from Chicago? Is it that no one in DC is a trainer?? Must be the trust factor because Michelle does not have a body to brag about at the expense of the paying people. Obamas' Personal Trainer...
  9. personal breathalyzer?

    PB Open Water
    I know hardly anyone on this site drinks but does anybody have experience with buying your own breathalyzer? I know to many people that have been popped lately when they swore they were in pretty good shape. Seems like it might be money well spent.
  10. Personal plate BRE*GR8

    PB Open Water
    A while back (back in the HB days) someone posted a pic of their personal plate. It read BRE*GR8 where the asterisk was the star symbol. If you sound it out it reads: Breast Are Great. Someone at the DMV screwed up and let this one through. Does anyone have that pic? Here are a couple other...
  11. OC Personal Traning / workout partner

    PB Open Water
    Anyone here do this?
  12. What's your personal take?

    PB Open Water
    Is anyone really feeling any kind of business/financial hit today or the past week? My customers are sub shops, sandwich shops, hotels, restaurants and large final product food manufacturers. All of my products are purchased from a retail location and 2 distributors which in turn go to national...
  13. A personal request to all members from Rexone

    Political Rhetoric
    On this anniversary of one of the darkest days in the history of the United States we must not forget those who sacraficed and were victims in the horrible events of that day 7 years ago. There's a link in my signature that I carry as a daily reminder to "Never Forget". However, the purpose of...
  14. Personal income rising faster than inflation

    PB Open Water
    The good news is that personal income rose .2% in April, double the rate of inflation which was .1% Of course the commerce department took out FOOD AND ENERGY COSTS to get to that figure. Who are these Aholes trying to fool?
  15. Why would people put their personal pics on..

    PB Open Water
    Their work laptop? I can understand maybe some family pics or work related pics, but pics of them being in the act, I just don't get it. We find this kind of stuff all the time on their work laptops, just amazing. Belive it or not, it is just not the men who do this.