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    From Boat SS/PS 36 built by Gordon Jennings with only the best parts. Dart block, Callies crankshaft, J&E pistons, Dart Pro 1 heads, Manley light weight rods, mechanical roller cam, Isky roller lifters, Trend push-rods, T-D Shaft steel rocker arms, Comp billet timing chain cover, GLenwood water...
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    For Sale '99 DCB Mach 26, Paul Pfaff 568ci EFI Whippled(3.3L) with CMI Headers rigged by Alexi @ BoostPowerMarine - 3/15/2015 -IMCO SC Upper(Inspected and replaced parts by AJ @ Barrett Custom Marine -10/15/16) -New IMCO 1.34 SC lower 1.25” (installed by Alexi @ BoostPower 3-15-2015) -Standoff...
  3. Parts for Sale
    Two fresh Pfaff Superstock engines from SS-36. Only the best parts used including Bryant Crank in one and Callies Crank in the other. Both engines have Manley rods, JE pistons, Dart Pro-1 heads, T-D steel shaft rockers, GM dual plane manifolds, mechanical roller Comp Cams, Billet timing chains...
  4. Parts for Sale
    Two fresh Pfaff Superstock engines from SS-36. Only the best parts used! Bryant Crank in one engine and a Callies Crank in the other. Both engines have Manley Rods, JE Pistons, Dart Pro-1 heads, T-D steel shaft rockers, GM dual plane manifold, mechanical roller cam with Comp Cams billet timing...
  5. Parts for Sale
    This is a BBC Gen 6 block machined .030" over by Pfaff. It's also been align honed and surfaced, with new cam bearings. Crankshaft is a GM cast crank, freshly ground, with oil holes chamfered. Connecting rods are 3/8" GM that have been resized with new ARP bolts. Pin end has been fitted...
  6. Parts for Sale
    SOLD PENDING PAYMENT. 509” Big Block Chevrolet built by Pfaff Racing Engines. Roughly 35 hours run time after build. Engine was broken in on the Dyno and then tuned on the Dyno. Dyno sheet provided. Engine made 577.4 ft-lbs @ 4,400 RPM and 563.6 HP @ 5,693 RPM. Engine was built...
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    Price Drop! A buddy of mine started to build this motor last year and then decided to go with a smaller efi setup in a new 23’ Placecraft. The complete motor was machined, assembled and dyno tuned by Pfaff Racing Engines and Gorden Jennings. Produced 910hp @ 5500rpm. Never been ran since coming...
  8. V-Drives
    Some more ponies for 2014...:))THumbsUp
  9. PB Open Water
    Been calling over there no one answers. They have a few boats out back but when i drive by its before they open. Weird
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    '97 28ft Eliminator Eagle XP Closed Bow Absolute pride of ownership No detail overlooked! 2nd Owner with all receipts since purchase Pictures and video can tell the story and have all receipts and build-sheets: See it: Eliminator 28 Eagle XP pictures by 454Rocket - Photobucket (4+ Videos and...
  11. PB Open Water
    Scott gave me a grill to post this up. Lol.
  12. GN7 On the Dyno
    Engine Building & Rebuilding 714-899-2311 PFAFF Engines & BACA Marine
  13. West Coast - South
    Reliable Performance for over 40 Years! 598 cu in 4.600 Bore 4.500 Stroke Fuel Injected - PSI Super Charger Engine Rebuild Experts & Machine Shop Services 714-899-2311
  14. West Coast - South
    598 CU IN 4.600 Bore 4.500 Stroke Fuel Injected - PSI Blower Alum Heads 18deg Reliable Performance for over 40 years! Engine Rebuild Experts & Machine Shop Services - 714-899-2311"]302
  15. Parts for Sale
    Listing for my Dad his Pfaff 509 Blower Motor. Motor was built new in '95 for his 21' RT and had approx. 60 hours when he sold the boat a few years ago. The engine has been at Pfaff's shop until a few months ago or so, now in my garage. Details from the Build Sheet: 509 Cubic Inch...
  16. PB Open Water
    Just heard that Paul Pfaff has sold his company, Paul Pfaff Racing Products, to new owners. April 1 is the date the new ownership will take over. More details to emerge as we hear them....
  17. Parts for Sale
    FOR SALE 2006 Paul Pfaff 750 HP NA 598CI BBC, (build & dyno sheets on request) COMPLETE motor nothing is needed to drop in & have your boat running, from injection to pan + headers $20,000.00! This motor is on the ground at Taylor Performance in NewBury Park CA what is not powder coated red...
  18. Jet Boats
    these guys are the best. They had my block machined and rods resized in two days. Gordy, Jimmy, Paul P., Paul H., and Temo have been extremely helpful. Their machine work is beautiful and Gordy came through in a pinch and scored me bearings last saturday so i could get my short block together...
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  20. Parts for Sale
    Paul Pfaff 540 BLOWER MOTOR Long Block For Sale. If You Need A Complete 540 Bbc We Can Put It Together For You. We Can Build To Your Specs. Fresh Engine With Only Abou 50 Hours On Her. Good Low Budget Engine. $5,000.00.