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  1. Best Dodge (545-RFE) tranny guy in Phoenix, AZ?

    Tow Vehicles
    Hello all, I've got an '08 Dodge Mega Cab that I love, but it's pushing up on 180K miles. I know that there's a life span on transmissions pushing around 7,400 lb trucks with 35" tires, particularly those trucks that tow with any regularity. So, wanting to be proactive, I want to plan when I...
  2. Phoenix World Finals

    Races and Boating Events
    Just heard 133 pre registered boats...hate when work get's in the way of a boat race If anyone hears anything please feel free to post Thanks in Advance
  3. Phoenix area carb guys?

    Anybody know of any great carburetor shops in the Phoenix area to freshen up and custom tune a set of carbs? I have several sets of carbs to chose from on hand, and I would like to find a knowedgable shop to help me decide which set is best, and to calibrate them for my application. I usually...
  4. Anyone from SoCal going to Phoenix this weekend?

    Hello, Is there any one in the Santa Fe Springs area traveling to Phoenix for the world finals this weekend? I need my v-drive picked up and dropped off to JJ. Please let me know, and I can help with gas or anything else. Thanks, Lock 702-373-0100
  5. Another Newbie Phoenix Az/Lost Lake Blythe Ca

    New member Introductions
    Yes another newbie got to start sometime. Currently live in Phoenix Az, but born and raised in SoCal. Been around boats my whole life. I have a 1976 Miller 19' bubble deck w/bbc and berkeley jet. Boat #2 1979 Kachina 18' w/bbf and berkeley jet. Boat #3 which was dad's boat 1976 Sanger picklefork...
  6. [Question] Anyone traveling to or through Phoenix late this week?

    PB Open Water
    I have a delivery to a customer needs to go to Phoenix from So Cal. 12 foot long tube about 25 lbs and a 42 x 44 x 4 flat box, 30 lbs. It's worth $100 for me to find someone to take it. email [email protected] please. I'm not on the forums a lot these days. thx u. mike
  7. Safety/Patrol boat needed for Superbowl race in Phoenix this Friday Jan 30th

    PB Open Water
    Please call Chris Reindl at 702 228-2628 for details. The race is this Friday on Lake Pleasant in Phoenix.
  8. Democrat showing his true colors in Phoenix

    Political Rhetoric
    Union lackey and true-blue democrat, James Burke, was caught red-handed stealing republican candidate's signs and is found in possession of a whole mess of them which he had stolen recently. Campaign sign snatcher caught on camera - CBS 5 - KPHO
  9. A touch of rain in Phoenix, overnight.

    PB Open Water
    Around 3:30 AM we got a bit of rain here in Phoenix. Over 5 inches in Chandler alone . . . Here's the I-10 at 43rd Avenue Here's my back yard in Peoria:
  10. Phoenix Help

    I am looking for help Tuesday May 27th. If you are available, please give me a call. Thanks, Lock
  11. Good machine shop in Phoenix area?

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Hi, I need a crank turned on a 351 Cleveland , it was turned wrong at my local shop years ago and the local shop has since closed. I live in west texas and am willing to drive to Arizona to find a good machine shop that does good work, and possibly rebuild the engine for me, I have never had...
  12. Phoenix Drag Racers Reunion April 6

    Off the Water
    I am happy to announce an addition to this years Nostalgic Show & GO!. We will be hosting the 1stannual “Phoenix Drag RacersReunion”. Phoenix has had a colorfulhistory of drag racing with many drag strips and stars. Speedworld was our long lasting standoutlasting over 50 years but, now that...
  13. Looking for a mechainc in Phoenix

    I have a buddy flying to Phoenix this Friday to check out a twin Yamaha Grady-White. He needs a mechanic to check the motors (i.e. compression, etc). Any recommendations?
  14. Wannabeze in Phoenix 9/13

    I know lots of you didn't make the trip to Phoenix for the last minute changed drag race. And lots of you were at the BayFair. And thank all of you for all of the photos of BayFair so I can feel like I was there. Er, wait. I haven't seen so much as one picture from SanDiego. Thanks for...
  15. Whats the Jet Boat Scene like in Phoenix, Az

    Jet Boats
    Hey Guys, I might have a job offer in Chandler, Az. What is the boating scene like their. It looks like two options....... 1. Havasu/River 2. Roosevelt Reservoir. Any pros or cons living there? Never been west of San Antonio, Tx. Thanks! Jr.
  16. Phoenix restaraunts

    PB Open Water
    Will be in downtown Phoenix later this week for a seminar. Any suggestions for casual dinner restaraunts? we will have transportation.
  17. Under 23' 2008 Cheyenne Phoenix Jet Boat

    Boats for Sale
    Posting this for my dad. 2008 Cheyenne Phoenix body 19 foot in length 135 MPH 565 Dart engine Two 1050cfm Holley Dominator Pro Series Carbs 1025.4 HP Exactly I had the torque tested by Marc Brown at AEM in Salina, and his dyno maxes out at 1500 ft lbs, so it has well over that in torque...
  18. Under 23' 2008 Cheyenne Phoenix TONS OF MODS

    Boats for Sale
    Posting for my dad - I have well over $250,000 invested and I am selling for $60,000. Here is what the boat has. If you are interested, please call 785- four five two-9226. I DO NOT have caller id, so if you call and there is no answer, leave a message with a CALLBACK NUMBER. Thank you. 2008...
  19. Phoenix - Drag Racing May 3-5

    Off the Water
    Hello fellow boaters, My flattie and jet are still dormant for the time being as I am focusing on my 3 day track rental of Firebird raceway in Chandler, Az. I'll be running several formats over the 3 days- something for most everyone! Friday night, May 3rd 6-11pm * Open test and tune for all...
  20. Not Mine Revenge Craigslist Phoenix

    Boats for Sale
    Revenge Circle Race Boat-Mint Condition