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  1. If only we had computers and cell phones

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    If only we had computers and cell phones in the 70's We probably wouldn't have wasted our time do'in this stuff. :thumb: "Who are those guy's" full screen photo slideshow on
  2. "O" phones ??

    Political Rhetoric
    Well the free "O" phones are back in the news , makes one wonder to the less fortunate and those on the public dole where the potential voter loyalties might lie....:hmmm: Where do
  3. FOOKING Phones

    PB Open Water
    I do not know wtf is so cool about these new phones. Never had one make it more then 2 months out of warranty. So any of you that have my number or if I had yours could you please PM them to me. And I will do it all over again. Thanks.
  4. Free cell phones from the Govt'

    Political Rhetoric
    Apparently if ones income and monthly expenses are low/high enough respectivly and meet some other criteria they may be eligible to get a free cell phone similar to the food stamp program and other "give aways" , parish the thought they might also get Government spam , text messages ?? Hey...
  5. Net Phones

    PB Open Water
    Have had the same home phone # for 30 years that we rarely even use it but wish to keep it (the number) , My Son just picked up a "device" from Radio shack for 75 bucks that works awsome with his DSL also has free LD and O'seas , wish to cancel my ATT service but keep my Old number (which I...
  6. Rex Phones are down

    PB Open Water
    Yes we are working on it. No we are not out of business. Yes we paid the bill. Our dsl is also down. Those are typically the 3 top questions we get in emails when this happens (no exception today).
  7. jbp phones down

    Jet Boats
    ATT :|err has created a phone flailex for us today sorry for the inconvenience to anyone trying to call in Tom temporary "back" line 805 462 3947
  8. cell phones on mojave

    PB Open Water
    just curious if anyone gets a signal in the basin at lake mojave?my contract is up with at+t,and I lose service with them about 1 mile out of KL.:mad:....also with no service,any other options in case of a problem on the water. thanks Bob
  9. ATT phones

    PB Open Water
    Need some input, i need to go get my mom a new phone, i am used to blackberrys and the iphone, but she doesnt need one that is that hi tech. All she does is text so are there any good att phones that have a full keyboard yet dont need an internet package with it? Hope my question makes sense...
  10. Free cell phones for the poor

    Political Rhetoric
    Unbelievable! Some days I wonder why I even get up and go to work. The people on welfare got it better than I do. What's next, A free car?
  11. Verizon cel phones

    PB Open Water
    Verzion is pretty limited on their phones. Any feedback on these? LG Dare LG Voyager Motorola Krave
  12. Sprint Phones

    PB Open Water
    Anybody got any hook ups for sprint phones. I have a HTC MOGUL and cracked the screen need some help.
  13. ebay cel phones

    PB Open Water
    2 questions: 1.anyone buy a phone new phone on ebay? 2. did you have any problems after you bought it? My contract with Verizon is up in 3 months but my phone died and I really don't want to pay $300+ for a new phone.
  14. Blackberry phones

    PB Open Water
    Anybody have one? Need your opinions on the good, bad and ugly.
  15. Cops on PHONES

    PB Open Water
    Ya... Yesterday while driving and talking on my phone to my female friend - I round a corner and low and behold run into a chp talking on his cell phone .. ya i kept talking ! Sooo later that evening sitting on my porch drinking my goose and grapfruit and I hear a dumb ass hit the gas...
  16. Phones

    Is there a phone problem in Upland? Or is everyone there drinking to much VODKA during the day!
  17. Phones unplugged?

    PB Open Water
    Just checking a minute ago to see if the phones were unplugged... What a dead last couple of weeks. Not one sales call. Spooky... Anyone want to just call my sales manager and make him feel wanted? :D Not boding well for a banner '08 I will tell you that much.