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  1. pic test

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  2. What has changed. I can't change my avatar pic

    Community Help
    I have tried all four links thru photobucket before during and after resizing the pic so small I can't see it. Up loading doesn't work and linking doesn't work. My avatars work great on other boards. All I have accomplished is deleting the avatar I had in place and I can't put that one back...
  3. Big fire behind corona in the national forest pic

    PB Open Water
  4. Pic test

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  5. pic test

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    Pic test 72,mandella
  6. pic test

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    Fuel fills
  7. Motor installed (pic)

    Jet Boats
    Thank,s for viewing, I've been working on this for almost a year, thank,s.
  8. Tunnel ram (pic)

    Jet Boats
    Just finished mocking everything up thought I would share.thanks
  9. Test post of pic

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    Test post of Pic
  10. 78 Nordic Pic

    Jet Boats
    I purchased this boat about a month ago its a 78 Nordic 20' with a BBC and a Berkley JG pump hadn't been run in 11 years but was stored inside Cant seem to find out much on older Nordic boats on the internet. Ive gone through everything and have it running . Im taking it out on the water today...
  11. Swtd pic request

    Jet Boats
    I was informed today by a friend how slow swtd are and that he's never seen one win on the river or at a track. I'm sure futs or bp or someone must have a pic or two of one of these tug boats taking the checkers
  12. test pic

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  13. pic

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  14. Pic for Tunnel T

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Anthony here is one of the F26
  15. Can't find pic

    Spent close to an hour looking....For that pic of the Sanger hydro with the 2 round guys with all the air under the boat..can't believe i haven't downloaded it. Saw it here a while back. thanx mike
  16. A pic from a stop light

    PB Open Water
    Took at a stop light.......A big FU to the man or just dont give a crap ghetto trash attitude?????? He did look pretty creepy going around
  17. [Pics] CFW pic thread

    :))THumbsUp here are some from the begining...
  18. Centrifugal/Turbocharged Pic Thread

    Jet Boats
    I thought that it would be cool to have a Pic thread for all of these things to be posted in one place since there is beginning to be quite a few of them. I'll start with mine as well as a few others that I have pics of. Sorry Info , I dont have any of yours. Post up when you get time. Be cool...
  19. [Pics] Crack in fiberglass need opinions look at pic

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    how does this look to everybody please chime in does it look normal serious is it structural opinions appreciated thank you
  20. HBDS Pic Thread

    Hot Boats Down South
    Post em up!!:|err The 21 :)violent44 Uncle Dan's 18 The Mayors SWTD The Mayors New Ride???