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  1. Jet Boats
    Had a new moter put in and a different water valve when i get more water in at around 165/170 i here a little lifter ticking and now I have it at about 140/145 runs great no ticking but what should the temp run?? I have a 396 its a 78 Hallet bubble top Cboater:partyguy:
  2. East Coast - North
  3. PB Open Water
    Holy Crap!!!!(:)eek(:)
  4. Jet Boats
    Because of the pretty girls in the back of my pickup!
  5. PB Open Water
    I took these out of my boat because they are rusting through the bottom and now I can't find any new ones to replace them with. They are 8" round mounting brackets for my fuel tanks. I searched numerous websites with no luck. If anyone knows where I can find some and would be kind enough to post...
  6. Jet Boats
    Got an itch to get back to a jet after a few years owning my laveycraft I/O. Found it up in Redding, advertised with no pictures but went up to look at it anyhow. Seemed like a good deal so now its in my driveway. Couldnt be happier (unless it was ford I like the fact the...
  7. V-Drives
    I went down to S&S yesterday and met Steve for a quick photo shoot. The boat is pretty much done....See if you can find Rayzor's influence on the boat. :D I really like how the boat is bolted to the dolly. I'm not sure I would've went quite that large on the fastners but what do I know? :D :D...
  8. GN7 On the Dyno
    What crank & rods I have in this?
  9. WFL Crew
    Post up some still shots of your boat! Any are welcome! Here is a starter!
  10. V-Drives
    This boat was my uncles boat his name is Carlos lopez the boat was a cole tr3 FLABBERGASTED #37 raced comp/flat just looking if there somebody that may have PICS OF THIS BOAT race IHBA and NJBA thanks
  11. PB Open Water
    Put them all up yesterday. Will snap some better pics during the week. None burned out, there is just a tree on the left that has no lights on it.....yet. I'll be adding more throughout the month.
  12. Jet Boats
    I need a picture of a side view of an Eliminator Daytona Deck, from the dash to the nose of the deck, as close up as it will ge to show the entire lenght of the deck. What I need to see is the shape and roundness of the deck and the way it tapers down to the nose. I also need dimentions of the...
  13. Jet Boats
  14. V-Drives
    I think. Its a shot from the end of the track looking towards the start. Its a black boat, maybe Madness or Loose Cannon. Boat is either hopping or just started and is about 2 feet out of the water but flat. Seem to remember trees on the left so boat should be in the outside lane going left to...
  15. Jet Boats
    When i turn the ignition on this part gets hot its got 2 wires that go to it from the ground block is it normal for this to get really hot.
21-35 of 129 Results