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  1. Pine Flat Lake

    Does anyone frequent this lake? Looking for a good middle-ground spot for Nor/Socal friends to meet up at. We heard there are a lot of snakes out there. Does anyone have personal experience out there? Jet boat friendly?
  2. Pine flat

    Can you get to water on second ramp? Or is water past end of ramp? Thanks
  3. Pine Flat Resevoir

    What's the word on noise restrictions at Pine Flats Resevoir? How aggressive do they enforce? I have BBC with over transom headers, big cam. They are wet but still loud. Hate to waist a drive there if I get hasseled.
  4. Who Had the BAH on Pine Flat this morning??

    And sorry, I was runnin' for my binoculars, not my camera.. That thing must have a big tank... It was out and about for about a 1/2 hour.. :))THumbsUp Heard it make 3-4 good passes but I only saw it from a good distance. I could see it was red, had a two speed and he wasn't afraid... Not at...
  5. Pics from the lake- Pine flat Aug 2011

    Just home from a long weekend (getting ready for next weekend :happy: Got the houseboat tied up and a good time had by all. My son is now getting up on a single ski- deepwater start. Woo hoo! Momma's are ski skiing!! My youngest is just cute! Old guys are still skiing. Bad ass...
  6. Easter at Pine Flat

    PB Open Water
    We did Easter at the lake this year. Took the Sanger for a spin. Bumpin' 80 with just my son along for the ride. Life's good. Some pics of the lake (and my family) to share. Coloring Easter eggs. The Dam is behind in the pics. The lake/kings river heads up about 20 miles to the left...
  7. Boats and Pine Ave.-Long Beach

    PB Open Water
    FYI: Boats, bands and bikinis on Pine Avenue Previous Entry By Karen Robes Meeks on July 8, 2009 4:01 PM | Permalink | Comments (0) Boats, bands and bikini-clad women will help kick off Powerfest Thursday on Pine Avenue July 9. The second annual event along Pine between Broadway and...
  8. pine flat lake

    PB Open Water
    anybody ever been there? on our campiing trip this week we passed it and it looked like a pretty cool spot. seemed pretty uncrowded and the water was glass both times we drove by.... whats the story with this place? anyone ever been?
  9. Houseboat Rental on Pine Flat Lake

    Other Stuff for Sale
    Pine flat is in Central Calif. East of Fresno, in the Sierra Foothills. Pine Flat is a reservoir formed by a Dam on the Kings River, coming out of Kings Canyon. 1 mil acre/ft when full. Very good ski lake, and not too crowded. Houseboat is homemade. I built it to be a comfortable 3-5...
  10. 80 this sunday! Pine Flat one more time!

    O.K. Weather is awesome this weekend. Long range stuff I look at says gonna dump by 3rd week or so of November, on into December. I'm looking at it like last chance. I'm gonna take the HouseBoat out and put it on shore. Drink a few beers, enjoy the sun and run the boat one more tme in...
  11. Pine Flat this Sunday?

    Any body interested? I wanna test a prop this weekend. Weather is supposed to be 70 or so.
  12. Pine Flat this weekend

    Heading up to the lake in a couple of hours. Will be there through Monday. Houseboat is now at Bensons (aka lombardo's). Will prolly be around sand beach that is near Island Park Ramp. Stop by, say hi and have a beer! Neil P.S. Sucks how fast the water went this year :mad...
  13. Help Needed to Save Trimmer Marina At Pine Flat

    PB Open Water
    ...........Anyone having a history at Pine Flat and all others;..........Looking for people who might be interested in donating some...... "weekend labor."..... to save the Trimmer Marina............Over the years The Trimmer Marina has fallen into such disrepair,....that the Army Corps of...
  14. PIne Flat this weekend

    We'll be on Pine Flat this weekend Sat-Mon. Houseboat will be just north of Trimmer on the right somewhere. Couple of wakeboard boats, Dave's Mandella and about 15 or so people including about 1/2 kids 10/under.Blue/white houseboat. 15 foot swim deck on the back and giant Krusty the Clown...
  15. Pics from Pine Flat over the 4th

    Just home from the lake. Was there Tues/Sun. Didn't take the Sanger this weekend. Too many rookies out on the holidays. Used the rollcage boat. Good time had by all. Enjoy the pics. RT Kids love the tubes. My son and friends daughter. (gonna be trouble in another few years...Dammm)...
  16. Pine Flat Lake April 19-20 Roll Call

    O.K. Just checking to see if any interest in a get together at Pine Flat (Kings River outside of Fresno) now that we're two weekends away. :)devil I'm gonna be there trying to see if my boat will A: Float and B: Run. In the evening will have camp fire, cocktails and bench race. Hope I'm...
  17. Cen Cal. Pine Flat Lake

    Any body boat at Pine Flat? Always lookin' to make some new friends. We have a houseboat and property on the lake, so I don't bother heading anywhere else. Check it out. It's a good lake.