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  1. Parts for Sale
    je 11.5-1 compression pistons with 1.257 compression height. Uses ***** style rings. Pins are hd .250 wall taper wall and 1.094 od. Bore is 4.5. This is a set of 10 pistons and pins. Uses pin buttons . These cost $1700. Not going to use them now so asking $850 in shreveport...
  2. Parts for Sale
    8 Turnbuckles $200, 16 S.S. pins $20.00, 8 plate pads (4 hole style) powder coated black $100.00 or take all for $300.00. Shipping is on you. Rob (509)342-1705
  3. Parts for Sale
    These are brand now in the box untouched, Flat Top +5cc 4.030" bore. Fully Coated pistons. From Summit the go for $708.00 a set, I will take $550.00 OBO just to get them off my shelf! Jay 928-486-o2o7 Brand:Mahle Manufacturer's Part Number: SBC125030F05 Part Type:Piston and Ring Kits Product...
  4. GN7 On the Dyno
    I've got a mark IV bbc. I need to replace the pins for longer ones. How do I get the old ones out and the new ones in? Thanks. Tim
  5. Parts for Sale
    Have 11 Race tec pistons, Big Block Chev, 4.560" bore, 1.353" CD, vert gas ports, .043-.043-3mm, 36cc dome, fits conventional 24 degree heads (pro1, brodix bb3, RFE, etc). Total Seal rings, JE wrist pins & locks. Everything is brand NEW. $450.00 + shipping call or text 310-466-0919
  6. Parts for Sale
    I have a set of 8, brand new and still in the wrappers, Venolia pistons for BBC with Big Chief/Big Duke style heads. Will make between 14.8 and 15.4:1 compression depending on your chamber size and head gasket. They are for a 4.601 bore. Set up for 565ci, or 4.25 stroke and a +.400 rod. Also...
  7. Outdrives
    Hey guys how do i get to the water hose? Does it take a Merc tool to pull side pins? And in the center of the hose looks like plastic holding it in? Does that unscrew?? Trying to just replace the water hose. Thank you
  8. GN7 On the Dyno
    First time with a set. Talked to Mahle and they said i should check the pin to bore clearance on the rod. They said some rod manufactures leave the rod tight so you can hone them to whatever clearance you need. How can i check this, my dial bore gauge wont fit in the rod.
  9. GN7 On the Dyno
    First off anyone know the diameter? My block is on the stand and I can't get my yardstick in there to measure 'em. Also where does one get some that are longer so this time they will go though the motor plate and into the trans? ,_ McMaster maybe? As always, thanks in advance!
  10. GN7 On the Dyno
    Pulled the crank today, going to replace the rod bearings, figured might as well since it looked like junk ran through them and i still had things apart. I noticed that some rods move very easy, the pins will slide back and forth and let the rod move around easy. Then i have 3 pistons/rods...
  11. Jet Boats
    The most important part on any jet boat, yet probably the most neglected part on them as well. ALWAYS...and I mean ALWAYS...check the tightness on your nozzle bolts prior to launching. All it takes is an allen wrench and about 10 - 15 seconds. The nozzle, aside from the throttle, is your only...
  12. Parts for Sale
    new chevy SRP forged pistons and pins, flat top, bore size 4.466 - 250 long rod - 4.00 stroke = 502 cu in. or 4.500 crank-400 long rod- tall deck, new in box $250.00, Jim
1-12 of 12 Results