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  1. GN7 On the Dyno
    Also posted in V-Drives Current plan is to gather Bob's friends, family and competitiors for a Celebration of Life in Grand National fashion. Saturday, January 31st, 2015 in the afternoon at my place in Whitter CA. Maybe a few Grand National boats here for a cackle-fest and some bench racing...
  2. PB Open Water
    Unless someone is lying to me, according to Sundance Saloons Facebook. They have no plans on opening till 2025, due to permits and inspections. All they have is the liquor license, say farewell to Sundance if this is true. :))ThumbsDwn
  3. PB Open Water
    Still looking for suggestions: No contract unlimited No data throttling wifi hotspot capable phone friendly. Is there such a plan?
  4. NorCal
    Let's plan a get together at a bar in Sacramento one of these weekends (like the one we did at Folsom Sports Garage a couple of years ago). Any interest in this? What dates work for everyone? What are some suggestions on locations?
1-4 of 60 Results