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  1. Political Rhetoric
    I've been waiting for you 6 or 7 hard ass Republicans here to post something about the new tax plan. What's the problem? Trump getting a $11-15 million raise per year with the new plan. Top 1% getting 67% of the money now and 83% of the money 10 years from now. This is what happens when we as...
  2. Political Rhetoric
    Trump knows his plan will screw the people who voted for him, while helping the wealthy. And, there are people who still blindly follow along with a shit-eating grin on their face. They voted for him, and he won. Trumps own words on FOX...
  3. Political Rhetoric
    Trickle-Down Economics Has Ruined the Kansas Economy | Mother Jones How well does Trumps Trickle Down plan work? Word for word, the Kansas plan describes what Trump says will make America Great Again. Kansas isn't the first to try and fail. If you're wealthy enough, it won't hurt you.
  4. Political Rhetoric
    More than 30 Immigrants Admitted to the U.S. Recently Implicated in Terrorism - Breitbart Doesn't sound so bad now does it?
  5. Political Rhetoric
    Here's how they've come up with most of their ideas!
  6. Political Rhetoric
    A plan for the future!:)devil
  7. GN7 On the Dyno
    Also posted in V-Drives Current plan is to gather Bob's friends, family and competitiors for a Celebration of Life in Grand National fashion. Saturday, January 31st, 2015 in the afternoon at my place in Whitter CA. Maybe a few Grand National boats here for a cackle-fest and some bench racing...
  8. Political Rhetoric
    "If you like your plan, you can keep your plan." - Barack Obama (6/15/09) :55: The Majority of you can keep your health plans... :no: Most of you can keep your health plans...:no: Many of you can keep your health plans....:no: A few of you can keep your health plans...:no...
  9. Political Rhetoric
    Of course, this does nothing to further the Kenyan's socialist agenda of crippling the nation into poverty and dependence but there are some great ideas in this health-care plan as opposed to what we now have IMPOSED upon the American public. 9 Key Points from the GOP's New Obamacare...
  10. Political Rhetoric
    It's grandfathered plan... Sooooo, Our Blue Shield of CA plan is grandfathered, one of the few "lucky" ones. Well....our payment has come out like clockwork from my dedicated account for many years, like 9 years to be exact. Usually during the last week of the month, payment...
  11. Political Rhetoric
    The GOP minority have now submitted budget after budget and even health care plans that have been completely ignored by the arrogant democrat majority, time and again. Here's one that would save Americans billions and provide us health care as we choose. Tom Price's Obamacare replacement saves...
  12. PB Open Water
    Unless someone is lying to me, according to Sundance Saloons Facebook. They have no plans on opening till 2025, due to permits and inspections. All they have is the liquor license, say farewell to Sundance if this is true. :))ThumbsDwn
  13. Political Rhetoric
    So you put your money away to be able soak your balls in the water by the beach during retirement years ? Fuggidaboutit :(((((( It's Not Your Money: Retirement Caps in Obama's New Budget Plan | Independent Journal Review
  14. PB Open Water
    Still looking for suggestions: No contract unlimited No data throttling wifi hotspot capable phone friendly. Is there such a plan?
  15. Political Rhetoric
    Hey libs! Your plan is right on track! The U.S. federal government's budget deficit widened in November compared to October, a sign that the nation is on a path to its fifth straight $1 trillion-plus deficit. The budget gap rose to $172 billion in November, up from $120 billion in October...
  16. Political Rhetoric
    Momentum builds for U.S. immigration reform plan - Yahoo! News Right with the program. Blame yourself on this one ram. You say you don't want the illegals to be legalized, but then you put the people in office that do that very thing. :)sphss
  17. Political Rhetoric
    CNN Called out Obama on his plan for the future. They say it doesn't ad up. What happened to CNN? They must not have gotten their Obama money!!! CNN: Not Only Is Obama's Plan Old, but It Doesn't Add Up - Obama Campaign - Fox Nation
  18. NorCal
    Let's plan a get together at a bar in Sacramento one of these weekends (like the one we did at Folsom Sports Garage a couple of years ago). Any interest in this? What dates work for everyone? What are some suggestions on locations?
  19. Political Rhetoric
    No link
  20. Political Rhetoric
    Just when you thought he wouldn't do more damage in an election year. Oh sure, they are denying it's a real proposal but the simple fact is that they have already discussed how the new government office known as the "Surface Transportation Revenue Alternatives Office" will be established in...