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  1. V-Drives
    just curious what you guys think about some of these plugs, ran them last year and just now checked them,,they are ngkyr5 , I had put ngk 7s in and they seemed to cold so I went back to these just to see what it looked like (heat range),, but some of the plugs look rich and some look lean to...
  2. V-Drives
    This is a semi stupid question but I like the ngk plugs, some of you recommended using the ngk 7 which seems pretty good but I have not taken it to the lake yet but runs great on the trailer, my only concern is that the ngk plugs are shorter (where the plug wire boot snaps on) than ac delco...
  3. GN7 On the Dyno
    Have always ran the AC Delco R43T plugs. Now Autozone says they are unavailable now. They have a R43TS that has an extended tip (the post and electrode stick out about 1/16" further than the R43T) The rest of the plug is identical in geometry/dimensions. I'm running a small dome 10:1 piston...
  4. V-Drives
    Sorry don't mean to bring up a stupid question but I am having a hard time figuring out which ngk plug replaces the ac delco r44ts? it says the BPR5fs which I cant find , so I looked at the cross reference chart and they have a ur5 which one chart says is the ac delco r44ts then one says its the...
  5. GN7 On the Dyno
    BBC 468, 12.7-1, Pro Comp 3021 heads, approx. 650+hp. Street use, a NGK R5671A-7 or equivalent is recommended. Thinking I need a little colder. Any suggestions
  6. GN7 On the Dyno
    468 BBC, 12.9-1 compression, full roller. Pro Comp aluminum heads. Ran Champion 263 with iron heads.
  7. Parts for Sale
    Approx 120 sets of cam bearings some pretty rare in the back early hemi Arias fontana coated Dart etc. several sets of good BBC bearings h hx hxn etc. Tons of freeze plugs and galley plugs Rod bushings a few rod bolts and nuts block dowels pipe plugs other misc similar items. Galley plug...
  8. GN7 On the Dyno
    All other plugs look ok but compression on is 30, 60, 90, 95.. after that I didn`t need to test the others. 540ci 8.0:1 Iron Dart Eagles 345, no intercooler. Daytona boxes for ignition, with 3D map running off a map sensor. At 5000 rpm I have it set to @32* , 5500 34* and at 6000 35* Full time...
  9. GN7 On the Dyno
    Just checked the plugs after the first time on the water with new motor. Here's what I saw ... the plugs range between between these two. Thoughts?
  10. GN7 On the Dyno
    Im still having the issue I posted about earlier with a hot spark then it dwindles or doesn't spark at all. Question, has anyone ever diagnosed a bad coil wire that prevented the engine from firing? I can get one or two cylinders to fire but it just cranks after that. Ive replaced the batteries...
  11. GN7 On the Dyno
    Has anyone tapped and installed regular sae plugs instead of using welch plugs ? Dart BigM block ? ive seen a couple of instances where welch plugs popped out damn near sinking a few jetboats over the years
  12. Parts for Sale
    Weeding out excess from my shop........ 1950's vintage Champion model 1000 spark plug tester, (not a cleaner). Comes with 50's patina, adapters for 14MM & 10MM plugs. "WORKS GREAT" $100 plus shipping..............
  13. PB Open Water
    Shameless Plug for a Cause10/27/2014 0 Comments This weekend we did a little out of state traveling up to Georgia we did a visit with family and some scoping out of potential boating trips. First we checked out Reed Bingham Park in Adel, Georgia. Adel is home to my sister. This is a lovely...
  14. V-Drives
    Hey guys just signed up finally, lots of great info here. I've got a 70 Sanger 17-10 with a merc 454 with 427 heads, tunnel ram with two holleys and a vertex mag. It's got autolight 404 spark plugs in it now and I want to put new plugs. What are good plugs to use. I'm not a fan of autolights.
  15. GN7 On the Dyno
    What spark plug should be used in a 426 hemi with a 8:71 blower making about 5 lb. of boost. Dynoed at 800HP. Gas is 110 octane leaded. Motor came with Accel 111 plugs, but they are no longer available.
  16. GN7 On the Dyno
    i am helping a buddy with a 454 with pro comp heads, @ 8.5:1 with a 174 b & m blower. the bottom pully is 7.125" & top is 3.554". 1. what is the % of overdrive/underdrive? 2. what is the boost supposed to be rated at? i.e 5-7 lbs with those pullys? 3.what range spark plug? he was running auto...
  17. PB Open Water
    .... Do ya STILL have to use Smarttape ???
  18. Jet Boats
    Does anyone have pictures of all the locations where pipe plugs/oil gallery plugs go in an engine?
  19. V-Drives
    Wondering what would be a good spark plug for blown gas 489 ci. BBC was running auto lite 26 in the old aspirated set up probably kneed to go cooler. So whata ya runnin?:hmmm:
  20. Jet Boats
    I purchased a nice Dooley scoop for a single dominator for my race car and am having trouble finding a cover for it when sitting up. What do you guys use for this to keep stuff out of carb. Thanks
1-20 of 86 Results