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  1. Need a plumber again in corona

    PB Open Water
  2. Need a plumber again in corona

    PB Open Water
    Sorry duplicate post..see other post....:((((((:((((((:((((((
  3. Need a plumber again in corona

    PB Open Water
    Replace the mixer valve behind the the wall.i already cut the whole out. Tight fit ...copper and saturday IVE CALLED 2 OFF CRAIGSLIST LOCAL PLUMBERS BOTH R NO SHOWS WANT A GOOD DEAL I DID ALL THE HARD WORK...I DONT KNOW HOW TO SODDER (spelling) COPPER EXSPECIALLY...
  4. Plumber in Havasu

    PB Open Water
    Anyone know any good plumbers in Havasu? Need someone trustworthy and most of all will show up. Thanks
  5. anybody on here a plumber corona area

    PB Open Water
    gotta a water stain (not little) above the water heater in garage between the upstairs shower noticed it a week or so ago but its growing help
  6. "joe the plumber"

    Political Rhetoric
    I saw Joe interviewed today and said that he would Love to see Joe bidden walk into a plumbers union hall and say the things he said a couple of days ago.:))THumbsUp Then he went on to ask,WHAT are zero's qualifications to be president?hil:)
  7. Anyone need a reputable plumber?

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    If anyone is in need of any plumbing services from faucet and sink repair and replacement, water heater replacement, complete kitchen and bathroom remodel or anything in between please contact Derek. Send me a pm or message me on facebook at DG Plumbing. Hopefully some fellow PB's need some...
  8. Anyone a Plumber????

    PB Open Water
    Lousy thieves stole two backflow prevention devices off of one of my buildings over the weekend. I have one estimate from the company that does my testing but I need to get some more for corporate before I pull the trigger. Anyone here interested?a
  9. Plumber recommendation in Havasu, any ideas

    PB Open Water
    I need some work done in the very near future. R.O., Ice Machine hook up, new drain, etc. Thanks, RP
  10. Need a plumber

    PB Open Water
    My sisters house has leak under the foundation and we need a plumber. The house is in San Dimas. Any recomendations?
  11. Anyone a plumber?

    PB Open Water
    Hi all I am looking for a plumber in the Fontana area...need a water regulator changed. At least I think that's what the problem is. Anyone know of anyone? Thanks
  12. Need Plumber n Havasu

    PB Open Water
    Our renters just called and said there is no more hot water. We have tried everything we can think of over the phone 280 miles away so I need an honest professional. Anybody know someone?
  13. Joe the Plumber

    Political Rhetoric
    I find it rather disturbing how the dems are attacking this guy for asking an excellent question. Perhaps if bho had a better policy he wouldn't have looked like an ass with his wealth re distrubituion answer. This is a fundamental flaw in bho's way of thinking. I don't care if Joe is a...
  14. found Joe the plumber and Joe sixpack

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    Wow now I see what all the buzz is about Joe the plumber and Joe sixpack. :)
  15. Obama and Joe the Plumber

    Political Rhetoric
    Was this explanation sufficient?
  16. where is chris the plumber

    West Coast - South
  17. Plumber in Corona

    PB Open Water
    I tried a search but couldn't find anything. Can anybody refer a plumber in the Corona area?
  18. plumber needed

    PB Open Water
    Anyone know a plumber in havasu that does garbage disposals? need a new one in my condo.